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For the best performance, you need more than your talent and skills.

The choice of a longboard, in particular, is another crucial thing.

Certain qualities will make a board great for cruising, and others will make it difficult to ride even a couple of blocks.

And while a professional can find a way out, if you’re a beginner, spend your time researching what’s needed for a nice cruising board.

Here we have a TOP-5 with the best picks of cruising longboards suitable both for beginners and pros. All their qualities, pros and cons are described there to make it easier for you to find an option that resonates.

After that, we’re prepared a buyer’s guide with a detailed explanation of what to look for in a cruising/carving longboard.

Let the cruise begin!

Top Pick

Atom Longboards 40013

Atom Longboards 40013

  • Classic Pin-Tail Design
  • Photo Heat Transfer Graphic
  • Stable 35 Degree Base
  • Fully Assembled

Carving/Cruising Longboards Comparison Chart


Atom Longboards 40013

Atom Longboards 40013Size: 39" x 9.6"
ABEC Rating: 5
Trucks: 8.5" Aluminum
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SCSK8 101019001008

SCSK8 101019001008Size: 40" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 9
Trucks: 7" Aluminum
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Quest QT-NSC44C

Quest QT-NSC44CSize: 44" x 9.5"
ABEC Rating: 7
Trucks: 7" Aluminum
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Atom Longboards 91048

Atom Longboards 91048Size: 41" x 9.6"
ABEC Rating: 9
Trucks: Reverse King Pin
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VOLADOR Freeride Longboard

VOLADOR Freeride LongboardSize: 42" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 9
Trucks: 7" Aluminum
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5 Best Carving/Cruising Longboards (as of July, 2024):

1. Atom Longboards 40013 Cruising Longboard Review

Atom Longboards 40013

One of the non-technical benefits of this pintail longboard is its price.

An affordable yet high-quality option for a beginner with all the elements made from quality materials is difficult to find.

The design is also very pleasant, especially suitable for those who don’t like elegant and minimalistic yet bright boards.


Here are the key qualities of this Atom Longboards 40013 cruising longboard:

Atom Longboards 40013 Review, Pros and Cons
  • Convenient dimensions.
    The board is 39” long and 9.6” wide. It gives enough space for beginners to get a taste of longboarding and for professionals to get enough stability for cruising at high speeds;
  • No wheelbite.
    Due to a classic pintail design and special wheel flares, this board won’t experience wheelbite. It’s still recommended to install the wheels that aren’t too large for such a board;
  • High-quality wheels.
    65mm, 78a high-quality, high-rebound urethane wheels provide sufficient grip, no matter how uneven the surface is;
  • Standard trucks.
    While such trucks are rarely used on cruising boards, in this case, they are a great choice. You get steel axles, aluminum hangers, and a 35-degree baseplate for maximum stability;
  • Mild concave.
    Instead of making it uncomfortable to ride this Pintail, a mild concave is used as a way to help you lock your feet whenever necessary;
  • Maple deck.
    It’s 8 plies of maple, and it’s well-laminated. The deck is quite sturdy and very long-lasting. It’s top-mount and provides a lot of response in combination with sufficient control.

This is an ideal board for young riders (12-14 years) and beginners of all ages. The best environment for it is city cruising.

In over a year, with good maintenance, it will ride as well as when it was new. The bearings are only ABEC-5, but it’s not bad for the first board.

Atom Longboards 40013
Via: @thiswanderersheart

Main Features

  • Classic Pin-Tail Design
  • Size: 39” Long x 9.6” Wide
  • Wheels: 65mm Diameter x 35mm Wide
  • 8-ply Maple Laminate Deck
  • Photo Heat Transfer Graphic
  • Standard Kingpin Trucks
  • Stable 35 Degree Base
  • 6 inch Aluminum Hangers With Steel Axles
  • 78A High Rebound Wheels
  • Durable 80 Grit Silicon Carbide Grip
  • ABEC-5 Bearings
  • Fully Assembled


  • Classic pintail design
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • High-quality materials used


  • No kicktail

2. SCSK8 101019001008 Cruising Longboard Review

SCSK8 101019001008

This SCSK8 101019001008 is another affordable option for both amateurs and professionals.

If you’re riding on a budget, this set will satisfy your thirst for the best price and quality ratio.

The board has a classic design and reliable construction.

The 40” length and 9” width gives a lot of space for long-distance, relaxed cruising without pain in the legs the next day. If you’re after universal design and use, this might be your best choice.


The main qualities of the longboard:

SCSK8 101019001008 Review, Pros and Cons
  • Maple deck.
    The deck is made from 7 plies of high-quality maple that provides just enough flex and sturdiness for urban cruising;
  • Large wheels.
    You get 70mm, 80a polyurethane wheels, large enough to grip the road, hard enough to last for a long time and handle a considerable weight with no losses in speed;
  • High-quality trucks.
    The trucks are 7” of high-quality, lightweight aluminum;
  • ABEC-9 bearings.
    High tolerance bearings provide better speed and less friction;
  • Griptape included.
    To make sure you stand tall on the board without slipping off, there’s a high-quality, coarse grip tape added to the top of the deck.

This is a universal model, suitable for both women and men, beginners, intermediate riders, and professionals.

It can hold up to 220 lbs without losses in speed and maneuverability. The unit is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Main Features

  • Universal Design & Reliable Construction
  • Size: 40” Length x 9” Width
  • 7 Ply Maple Construction
  • 70mm 80a Polyurethane Wheels
  • Lightweight Aluminum 7″ Trucks
  • SCSK8 Precision Abec-9 Red Bearings
  • SCSK8 Pro Black Grip Tape
  • Max Weight Limit 220 lbs


  • High-quality materials
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Maple deck
  • Responsive
  • Affordable


  • Might be too easy to control for professionals

3. Quest QT-NSC44C Cruising Longboard Review

Quest QT-NSC44C

This Quest QT-NSC44C board is on the longer end, which is great for taller riders or those who don’t need to do any rapid turns.

It’s 44” long and offers impressive qualities at its price.

Quest longboards are made from high-quality materials and rarely disappoint beginners and professionals alike.


This cruising longboard offers:

Quest QT-NSC44C Review, Pros and Cons
  • Maple and bamboo deck.
    A multi-ply hardwood maple, in combination with high-resistance bamboo, creates a rather flexible deck that is good for both cruising and carving. The 7 plies give you the balance of solid stability and wavy resilience;
  • ABEC-7 bearings.
    This is an adequate bearings rating these days for speed and that smooth feeling every cruiser seeks;
  • High-quality trucks.
    The “7” trend continues with 7” aluminum trucks that contribute to the overall responsiveness of the board;
  • Own production.
    The company doesn’t import their products. Every board is made by the manufacturer;
  • Kicktails.
    Kicktails on both sizes compensate for the long board and provide extra maneuverability.

This 44” cruising longboard is appealing for both newcomers and experts.

A combination of elegant design and high-level engineering makes it a nice, relatively affordable board.

It will hold over 200 lbs, which is good news for heavier riders or those who always have a heavy backpack on.

Quest QT-NSC44C
Via: @jojo_civic.lyfe

Main Features

  • Size: 44” Length x 9.5” Width
  • Wheelbase: 26.378”
  • 7-ply Super Flex Bamboo & Hardwood Maple
  • 7” Reactive Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • 70mm x 51mm Transparent Stone Ground Wheels
  • Super Fast ABEC-7 Carbon Bearings
  • 4 mm Riser Pads
  • Anti-Slip & Wear-Resistant Black OS780 Grip Tape
  • 24 mm x 16.5 mmm Black 100A Bushings
  • Detailed Graphics on a Beautiful Artisan Deck


  • High-quality materials
  • Well-built
  • Elegant design
  • No wheelbite
  • Affordable price
  • Protected, smooth ride


  • Not the best option for speedy turns

4. Atom Longboards 91048 Review

Atom Longboards 91048

This Atom Longboards 91048 longboard is the best option on the list for carving due to its very low-set deck.

Cruising will be extra smooth and stable, downhill riding will give you zero concern, and pushing will not produce any excess wear and tear, which is great for the urban commute.

This is a nice pick for both beginners and intermediate riders.

The first group will feel confident on their first board, while the second one will find a lot more capabilities for improving their skills.

Atom Longboards 91048 Review, Pros and Cons


This board provides:

  • Great width.
    You get 9.6” of leverage that will help master every turn. A unique perimeter shape eliminates the possibility of wheelbite. It’s still recommended to keep the wheel diameter proportional to the deck size;
  • 100% Maple deck.
    The deck is of high quality and feels solid, making it easy to control;
  • RKP trucks.
    Reverse-kingpin trucks with 245-millimeter axles offer extra stability, enhancing the “down-to-Earth” feeling you get when riding the board;
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
    If you aren’t fully satisfied with the board or if it comes with broken elements, the company will help you resolve the issue and replace the unit or make a refund;
  • Wheels with wide contact patch.
    The wider the contact patch, the more grip and stability you get. The wheels on this model are 70mm in diameter and have a patch of 51mm!

Atom has proven their leading position with many of their boards, and this is no exception. If you’re looking for a nice longboard for carving and cruising for a reasonable price, this unit should definitely be on your list.

Atom Longboards 91048
Via: @ej_stokvis

You can go to school on it or just cruise around the town, looking for a hill to ride down and try some downhill carving.

The clean design of the board will also please even picky longboarders.

The construction is very safe and eliminates the possibility of a massive injury even if an accident occurs. Downhill carving seems very easy with this board.

Main Features

  • Size: 41” Long x 9.6” Wide
  • 9-Ply Maple Laminate Deck
  • Photo Heat Transfer Graphic
  • Reverse King Pin Longboard Trucks
  • 50 Degree Base & 245-millimeter Axles
  • Wide-Lip 70mm x 51mm SHR Urethane Wheels
  • 78A Super High Rebound Wheels
  • ABEC-9 Bearings With High-Speed Lubricant
  • Durable 80 Grit Silicon Carbide Grip
  • Fully Assembled


  • Wheelbite elimination
  • High quality of materials
  • Reasonable price
  • Gorgeous design
  • Wide contact patch of the wheels


  • Might be too low for some people

5. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Review

VOLADOR Freeride Longboard

Another pick for those who like larger boards, VOLADOR Freeride Longboard is a great choice for beginners and light skaters who are looking for extra stability during their rides.

It’s great for turns of any difficulty and is a nice pick for those who like cruising around the city.

A combination of solid construction and beautiful design will most likely leave you satisfied.


With this 42” longboard, you get:

VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Review, Pros and Cons
  • Solid build.
    Superior engineering work due to which the deck is sturdy, very strong yet flexible. You also get incredible shock-absorbing capabilities;
  • High-quality materials.
    Healthy materials – the item consists of 8 plies of hard maple put together using epoxy glue. It’s an eco-friendly option for conscious longboarders;
  • Versatile design range.
    You can find and order anything from vintage to neon artwork. Choose your style and make a wonderful accent with the deck of your longboard;
  • Adjustable trucks.
    Reverse kingpin trucks made from genuine aluminum. They can be adjusted to the amount of responsiveness you need (45 degrees to 50 degrees);
  • Cruising-friendly wheels.
    70x51mm polyurethane wheels with 78a durometer. They are soft yet durable enough to handle uneven roads;
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings.
    Smooth cruising is almost guaranteed with ABEC-9 precision bearings with high tolerance.

One of the most important things that impact your riding experience is a deck. This one is large enough to provide you with a smooth ride without any cutting-edge functions. It’s a great value for the money.

The art placed on the bottom of the deck is unique – you’re getting an almost custom board.

This is a full board, so you’re also getting wheels, bearings, trucks, and other elements. The bearings have an ABEC-9 rating, which is very high, meaning the tolerance of the board is great.

There won’t be any serious issues with the deck for years, which is also great if you’re a beginner. However, it requires quite a bit of maintenance.

Main Features

  • Versatile Design & Solid Construction
  • Size: 42” Long x 9” Wide
  • 8-Ply Natural Hardrock Maple & Epoxy Glue
  • Alluminium 7-Inch Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • Adjustable Base 45 or 50 degrees
  • Durable 70 mm x51 mm 78A PU Wheels
  • ABEC-9 Bearings


  • Great at taking turns
  • Bottoms covered in great art
  • Solid build
  • Durable wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Great for beginners


  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Not very fast

Best Cruising Longboards Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Making the Choice

What makes a longboard a cruiser? Some of the changes you have to make to your existing board are subtle.

Here, we’ll talk about the qualities necessary for a solid cruising longboard – those that make a board smooth-rolling, soft-turning, and comfortable for long-distance riding.

Choosing a Deck

Deck Style

There are three main styles to choose from:

  • Drop-through with a flex.
    If you’re looking for a board that’s easy to push, very stable, and convenient to ride for a long distance, a flexible drop-through is the one;
  • Traditional cruiser.
    This is an average-length board with a kicktail. It’s relatively stable and is great for urban riding where there are a lot of corners and people on sidewalks;
  • Top-mount commuter.
    This style is the best for carving since you can control the trucks easily. It’s also more stable than a traditional cruiser.

Deck Width

An optimal deck width for a cruising longboard is 9-10”. There are also short 8” wide penny cruisers, but we’re talking solely about longboards here. It’s important to understand the difference between them and skateboards, penny boards, etc.

A 9” to 10” deck is comfortable to stay on even if you have rather large shoes. And standing comfort is essential for high-quality cruising.

A relatively wide deck has a lot of advantages for a cruiser:

  • Standing comfort;
  • Stability;
  • Less control needed;
  • Fewer chances of an accident.

When cruising for long distances, you need to have relaxed legs, and if you have to balance the weight all the time, imagine how it will hurt by the end of the ride, not to mention the next day.

Deck Length

Decks from 28” to 46” can be used for cruising. The choice should also depend on your height, weight, and other qualities of the deck and the longboard itself.

Choose a shorter cruiser if you are:

  • Buying it for a child (opt for 34” and shorter decks);
  • Shorter than average;
  • Looking for a board to ride around the city with a lot of obstacles (people, for example);

Choose a longer deck if you are:

  • Cruising through uneven terrain (hills included);
  • Looking for extra stability;
  • Taller/heavier than average.

Most cruising longboards you see are 32”-42” in length, so pick something in this range. Keep in mind that with a shorter length comes narrower width.

Cruising Longboards
Via: @tahoeadventuretrex

Deck Flex

Choose a flexible deck if you’re:

  • Riding for long distances;
  • Riding on uneven terrain;
  • In need of stability;
  • In need of less stress on ankles and knees;
  • Looking for fun rides;
  • Preferring flexible boards.

A flexible deck will absorb some vibration and lover the gravity center, which is great for stability. Yet, you may still feel wobbly due to the flex.

Choose a mild flex if you’re:

  • In need of extra leverage;
  • Turning around a lot of corners;
  • Riding rough terrains.

There are boards with different flexes that help you cruise comfortably. They vary by the weight you put on them.

A lot of companies have charts allowing customers to choose a board for their weight.

Choose a no-flex deck if you’re:

  • Loving a direct response from leaning on the board;
  • Will have a lot of hills and might try downhill riding;
  • Preferring stiff boards.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. As to the first board, get a medium flex and go stiffer or more flexible from there.

Kicktail vs No Kicktail

A deck with a kicktail(s) allows for more movement, rapid turns, longboard-friendly tricks, obstacle eliminating, etc. It’s also deemed more aesthetically pleasing if a board has some kind of curves like in movies a lot of young longboarders are inspired by.

Carving Longboard
Via: @atypical_man

A deck without a kicktail(s) won’t be as useful in maneuvers. But it can be a more stable version of a cruising longboard due to a maximized wheelbase. This makes such boards great for beginners who have never stood on one before.

And again, personal preference means a lot.

Choosing Cruising Trucks

The choice of trucks is important because they are responsible for the quality of turns you get, as well as for the wheels-to-deck connection. The rule of thumb here is to choose a set of trucks that are the closest to the deck’s width.

There are two main options of cast trucks to choose from: 150mm and 180mm. The narrower cruiser decks (8.5” and below) will go well with the first one, while 8.5”-10.5” (often carving decks) and wider require the second option.

Standard or Reverse-Kingpin

Most longboarders use reverse-kingpin trucks because they offer better maneuverability. The standard ones can also provide the needed qualities, but you need to make adjustments.

And for a beginner, it might be very difficult. So it’s recommended to stick to the reverse-kingpin option.

Choosing Cruising Wheels

There are two main characteristics you need to consider when choosing cruising wheels: diameter and durometer. Additionally, the wheels’ lip profile might make a difference, as well as the quality of urethane used for its manufacture.

Some brands offer different colors to represent certain qualities of a wheel, but there is no general rule that assigns a particular color to a 78a durometer, for instance. So chances are you will find the desired color and qualities combo.

Wheel Diameter

Choosing a proper diameter isn’t difficult – a larger board needs bigger wheels and vice versa. You can also use smaller wheels with long decks but NOT vice versa

A larger wheel provides stability and a better riding experience overall. But if you use it with a small board, the wheel will “bite” (rub against the bottom of the deck, making your longboard stop abruptly, which is quite dangerous). No skate wax will help with that.

Here’s a guide on deck-to-wheel ratio:

  • Large 40”+ decks require 70-75mm wheels;
  • Medium 34”-42” decks need 68-72mm wheels;
  • Small 34” and below decks go well with 60-67mm wheels.

Pro tip: Within these ranges, choose smaller wheels if you need more pushing acceleration and larger ones if you need higher overall speed.

Wheel Durometer

When choosing the softness of your wheels, pay attention to your weight and riding preference. For cruising, the best type of wheels is the softer one, assuming you’re of an average weight for your height.

If you’re on the heavier side, consider harder wheels to compensate. Either way, you will get sufficient grip that is so important for proper cruising.

Here are some points of reference:

  • If your weight is below 135 lbs, pick 78a to 80a wheels;
  • If you weigh 135 lbs to 175 lbs, the 80a to 83a range will be just fine;
  • If you weigh over 175 lbs, the 83a to 86a range will provide enough grip without slowing you down.

Wheel Shape

This refers to the lip shape of your wheels. It can be:

  • Sharp – provides more grip and is good for difficult turns, carving, and cruising;
  • Round – provides predictable slides and less grip.

Choosing Cruising Bearings

Bearings are what lets the wheels spin and give you a speedy, smooth ride. They prevent excess friction and help you cruise without worry.

These elements are usually very long-lasting, given you keep them out of excess humidity, dirt, clean them when needed, and lubricate regularly.

There’s no need to spend a fortune on bearings since the standard quality will work just fine unless you’re preparing for a competition.

Cruising Longboard
Via: @mrfancypants55

Make sure they are:

  • Pre-lubricated;
  • With a high ABEC rating (7+).

Research Before Choosing Your Best Cruising/Carving Longboard

Don’t underestimate a day of thorough research. There are lots of elements that can make your cruising flawless so that you can enjoy the ride and the surroundings.

Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to find information on longboards of any kind due to the Internet. There are educational materials for beginners, TOP lists, and buyer’s guides like this one, even videos with detailed explanations of potential leaders of cruising.

A day won’t make a big difference unless you’re buying in a hurry, to take that time to see what board will make your first cruising experience high-quality or your 1000th – smoother than ever.

Best Carving LongboardBest Cruising Longboards

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