What Are The Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding to Choose on Amazon?

Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

Are you finishing to assemble your first longboard?

Today, we are going to tell you about the last, but not the least important part of this gear – wheels.

We’ll talk about the kinds of wheels, how to choose the best ones for your individual requirements and intents towards skateboarding, along with five best longboard wheels for sliding you can find on the Amazon.

If you are a novice, keep this article by hand. If you are a professional skater – devote some time to reading anyway. Who knows, you can find something exciting and useful inside.

Before we get started, let’s clarify the term “longboard.” An inexperienced person will call every deck with wheels a “skateboard.” In fact, there are at least six different types of wheeled boards.

Let’s find out what is longboard and why wheel choice is special in its case.

A longboard, as it follows from its name, is a kind of skateboard with an elongated deck. It can reach up to 150 cm (about 60 inches). Here, the front and rear axles are situated far from each other.

The wheels themselves are usually soft and substantial. They are likely to peep out from a deck. Such construction allows a longboard to be more stable and disregard the majority of surface imperfections.

Longboards show good speed and lose some maneuverability. They are greats for long distances long slopes.

Pros and cons of a longboard:

  • Good speed;
  • Very stable;
  • Can be used as city transportation means;
  • Good longevity;
  • It can be expensive;
  • It is a bit heavy;
  • This board is not designed for tricks (at least you are a professional).

Let’s return to the wheel choice. As you can see, longboard wheels must be significant, durable, and grant moderate cohesion with the surface. Let’s find out how Amazon can help you with the right choice.

Top Pick

TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS

TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS

  • 70mm Diameter
  • 82a Hardness
  • Polyurethane

Longboard Wheels for Sliding Comparison Chart


TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS

TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSSSize: 70mm x 51mm
Durometer: 82a
Contact Patch: 49mm
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Blank Flywheels

Blank FlywheelsSize: 83mm x 52mm
Durometer: 80a
ABEC Rating: 7
Check Price

Orangatang WCA7383 Cage

Orangatang WCA7383 CageSize: 73mm x 48mm
Durometer: 80a, 83a, 86a
Contact Patch: 41.5mm
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Orangatang in Heat WIH7583

Orangatang in Heat WIH7583Size: 75mm x 56mm
Durometer: 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a
Contact Patch: 56mm
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FREEDARE Longboard Wheels

FREEDARE Longboard WheelsSize: 70mm x 51mm
Durometer: 83a
Contact Patch: 56mm
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5 Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding (as of July, 2024):

1. TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS Longboard Wheels for Sliding Review

TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS

These TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS are pretty universal wheels that will fit into both skateboards and longboards.

Made from polyurethane, they are pretty soft – 82A index (learn about wheel hardness below).

The manufacturer produces the wheel complects in a range of colors (for now, three are three colors – white, green, and red are available).

The color is pretty bright, and the wheels themselves are semi-transparent. The producer is quite reliable, and these wheels are of good quality.

Here are their technical characteristics:

  • Softness: 82a is considered to be a semi-soft ratio. It is the best for sliding and cruising on a bit rough surfaces.
  • Material: polyurethane. Polyurethane is considered to be the best material for the skateboard wheels.
  • Size: 70 mm (22 mm bearing).

According to the numerous overviews, these wheels are perfect for beginner longboard enthusiasts. They are cheap, easy to install and show average performance in all the longboard activities: sliding, cruising, fast riding, etc.

TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-GRN x4 KSS Review, Pros and Cons

A relatively big contact patch (49 mm) grants good contact and tension with the smooth surface. These wheels do not spin and slip when you get to the highest speeds.

They are not designed for making tricks and ramp riding. Tricks and harsh environments make them be likely to break.

The producer tells that these wheels will fit the majority of standard bearings. Another bonus – these wheels do not make much noise, and a ride does not feel shivering of the longboard.

These wheels are not for the fast starts. The only minus of these wheels is their size. They are slightly bigger than standard wheels (about 60 mm). They might not be good enough for those who are of small height.

Here, everything depends on your preferences as well: choose these wheels if you want your speed to be faster on average. If you would like to start faster and do not care about the average rate – choose something a bit smaller.

TGM Skateboards WLB-70SHA-CLR x4
Via: @jeff_longboard

Their inside has got a metal ring. It provides the wheels with additional durability. It means they will not break at the moment.

However, these wheels are not universal: harsh surfaces, tricks, jumps, power breaking, and so on will make them break immediately.

Finally, the decisive advantage of these wheels is their price/quality ratio. For little money, you get a confident starter’s set of wheels. Learn how to cruise and slide on them and then choose something more professional when your skills improve.

Main Features

  • Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Super High Rebound Urethane
  • Contact Patch: 49mm
  • 82a Hardness
  • 22 mm Bearing
  • Center-Set Clear Hub
  • Acute Angled Lips
  • Variety of Colors


  • Good wheels with a relatively low price
  • It is a universal longboard wheelset that can please a beginner


  • Not the best choice for a professional
  • Wheels are likely to break in extreme circumstances


This wheelset is a must-have for a beginning longboard owner. The color choice will let you pick the proper setting for your special design. These wheels are good at everything until you get your confidence to try something extreme.

The price allows you to buy a couple of sets to have spare wheels while you learn. The hardness ratio is perfect for asphalt or concrete surfaces.

2. Blank Flywheels Longboard Wheels for Sliding Review

Blank Flywheels

This Blank Flywheels set of wheels comes with a full complect of bearings to fit into all holdings.

Let’s look at the contents closer:

  • Four wheels;
  • Eight ABEC bearings;
  • Four 8×10 mm bearings.

The set comes in six color variants. It means that you can apply these wheels to any design you want, and they will look good.

Unfortunately, the bearings themselves are not customizable: red ABEC and black 8×10 mm pieces. No one forbids you to color them if you want, though.

The hardness ratio of these wheels is 80a. So, they are considered to be of an average softness. They are too hard and fragile to do tricks. On the other hand, their hardness is enough for longboard power-sliding, cruising, etc.

Blank Flywheels Review, Pros and Cons

Flywheels wheels are big enough: 83mm x 52mm. They have got a square edge. It grants additional cohesion but deprives the wheels of maneuverability. These big wheels are designed for longboards only: it will be difficult to do tricks with them.

The material of these wheels is polyurethane, like every longboard wheel, should have.

The disadvantage hides inside: the bearings and the inner part of a wheel contain little metal. It means these wheels would be a bit fragile. Be ready to change them in a season or two.

These wheels aren’t soft enough for rough surfaces. They overcome small bumps and holes well, but you might feel some shivering during a ride.

They are not the cheapest on this list, but the price is still relatively low. It can be a good budget substitution for more expensive branded wheels.

This set is also good for beginners and amateurs in skateboarding. Professionals seek for a more reliable choice.

Main Features

  • For Beginners & Amateurs
  • Size: 83mm x 52mm
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Wheels Hardness: 80a
  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • 8mm x 10mm Bearing Spacers
  • Six Color Variants


  • Good wheels with a universal set of bearings
  • Big range of colors will let you pick your special design without problems
  • These wheels are suitable for beginners or for the first longboard of yours
  • The price is reasonable, and the price/quality ratio is satisfying


  • Average hardness is not enough for rough surfaces
  • These wheels are fragile and are likely to break
  • Some customers complained about the strange and robust odor from these wheels


This set is another right choice for a beginner or non-professional rider. A good quality ratio will satisfy all your needs along with the relatively small price.

Average hardness, which is natural for the majority of longboard wheels, will do its best on asphalt or smooth concrete surfaces. Still, these wheels are a good budget variant, but not a professional choice.

3. Orangatang WCA7383 Cage Longboard Wheels for Sliding Review

Orangatang WCA7383 Cage

These Orangatang WCA7383 Cage wheels originate from a very respected company that is specialized in professional skateboarding.

This set, in particular, comes as a universal longboard gear for both sliding and doing tricks.

The wheels are a bit smaller in comparison with other models: 73 mm.

The size matters for those of a small and average height, so consider that if you have doubts about yours. In general, these wheels are considered to be mid-sized longboard wheels.

The producer claims that the improved urethane formula provides the wheels with stability and better obstacle overcoming. As for the hardness, the model comes in three variants: 80A, 83A, and 86A.

Orangatang WCA7383 Cage Review, Pros and Cons

The plus: you can choose whatever you want and customize the longboard up to your special environment and needs. Minuses: each level of hardness comes in its unique single color (red, purple, and yellow, respectively).

Plus, the softest variant is slightly more expensive than other variants.

The producer tells that a special empowered core is hard enough to stand the majority of stresses and smooth enough to ensure perfect gliding and less tension inside a wheel. Indeed, you will hardly hear the wheels if you assemble them properly.

The price for these wheels, along with their universal orientation, tells us that these are more professional wheels. They are durable enough to stand the majority of the surfaces a longboard faces. You can do some tricks as well.

A rounded edge makes them gain more maneuverability, comparing to standard longboard wheels. Thus, they might lose a bit in a maximal speed and cohesion when your speed is high enough.

Orangatang WCA7383 Cage
Via: @zekezekke

On the other hand, we couldn’t find any complaints about their speed on the Web.

The price is the first minus: they are a bit more expensive than the other models. They do not come with the additional bearings. You’ll have to pick 608 bearings for these wheels.

Main Features

  • For Agile Slides & Tricks
  • Size: 73mm x 48mm
  • Contact Patch: 41.5mm
  • Durometer: 80a, 83a, 86a
  • Centerset Core Placement
  • Round Lip Profile
  • Stoneground Wheel Surface
  • Urethane Formula
  • Speed Control & Cush Ride
  • Excellent Durability & Flat-Spot Resistance


  • Professional and universal longboard wheels that are designed for different purposes
  • Good longevity
  • Choice of hardness
  • Reliable producer


  • The price can be high enough for someone
  • Very poor color choice, with very bright available colors


These wheels are designed and made for professional longboard riders. If you need more maneuverability and control during cruising and sliding, this is a choice of yours.

Beginners might be delighted with more budget and simpler options. These wheels are doing to last for many seasons and bring you joy and satisfaction all the time. However, they might spoil the design of your longboard for a bit.

4. Orangatang in Heat WIH7583 Review

Orangatang in Heat WIH7583

This Orangatang in Heat WIH7583 set looks like the previous one very much: the same producer, along with the same properties.

On the other hand, these wheels are more specialized for sliding and high speeds.

The hardness is still up to your choice: 77A, 80A, and 83A.

This choice will depend on the surface in your area you are going to choose for sliding. If it is smooth enough, you can go to harder versions. Bumpy asphalt will do better with 77A.

The diameter of these wheels is slightly bigger, with the bigger contact patch: 56 mm. It means that these wheels are designed for high speeds more than for tricks.

Orangatang in Heat WIH7583 Review, Pros and Cons

They are made with the so-called happy thane urethane as well. The producer tells about longer durability and fewer chances to break and wear down.

On the other hand, they are made from the best longboard wheel material – urethane. It should be enough to make a choice.

The edge of these wheels is square. It grants more contact. It means more speed and less maneuverability for you.

The inner part of a wheel does not look very reliable – it is too small. So, be careful with power breaking on these wheels. They are not likely to stand too much stress.

The color scheme still leaves much to be desired. There is one color for each hardness ratio: 77A are light blue, 80A are red, and 83A are purple.

Orangatang in Heat WIH7583
Via: @happyon4wheels

If you are creating not a simple longboard but a masterpiece, a poor color choice can be a big spoiler. Still, some people do not care about the color at all: soon, the wheels will cover with dust and lose their brightness.

Bearing seats are offset as well. Some bearings come in the complect, but you might find more reliable ones separately.

The price for these wheels is high enough to scare off some people. On the other hand, the quality of these specialized longboard wheels is outside the discussion. So, it might be a good investment.

Main Features

  • Size: 75mm x 56mm
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Durometers: 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a
  • Maximum Speed
  • Excellent Traction & Crisp Slides
  • Happy Thane Formula
  • Encapsulated Core
  • Sharp, Square Lips
  • Rippled Urethane Pattern
  • Jehu V2 Bearings With Integrated Spacers & Speedrings


  • Highly specialized longboards wheels
  • Good choice of hardness ratios
  • Reliable producer


  • These wheels are for sliding and cruising only. They will break if you do too many tricks
  • The color scheme is devastating for those who care about design
  • Less maneuverability compared to the previous wheelset


These are professional longboard wheels. If you seek maximal speed on a smooth surface and nothing more, choose these wheels. They will last for many seasons. The price is high, but it justifies the quality.

5. FREEDARE Longboard Wheels Review

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels

These FREEDARE Longboard Wheels are very interesting longboard wheels.

From the first sight, there is nothing special: standard size (73 mm), a bit hard (83A), with offset bearings.

However, many people leave only the best reviews about these wheels. Let’s find out their secret.

While these are very specialized longboard wheels, people manage to install them on simple skateboards as well. Their relatively big size allows you to get them on the longboard or make a skateboard for a beginner.

The wheels are a bit harder than an average longboard wheel. It means you need to find very smooth surfaces to ride a longboard. Still, this hardness will not cause problems on asphalt or concrete.

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels Review, Pros and Cons

Polyurethane material makes the wheels durable and reliable. They will stand minor imperfections and obstacles. Still, it is not recommended to apply power breaking and doing tricks with these wheels.

The surface patch is enough for high speeds. The edge of a wheel combines: it is square and round at the same time. So, it means a bit more maneuverability with no visible speed losses.

The metal inside of a wheel provides better longevity of the wheel.

The color choice of these wheels is not satisfying – you can count only on dark black color. On the other hand, this color is pretty neutral. It is difficult to spoil the design.

The price is reasonable enough, looking at the overall quality.

Main Features

  • Size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Durometers: 83a
  • Polyurethane Material
  • ABEC-7 High Steel Bearings & Spacers
  • Delicate Design With Dot Pattern
  • Very Durable For Street Skating


  • Standard good wheel for many purposes
  • Reasonable price
  • Good durability and materials


  • Only one color
  • It can be hard enough for someone


Both beginners and professional longboard riders might love these wheels. They are durable and big enough to last for long and provide you with great speeds. It is one of the best standard choices for your longboard.


Do I have to buy additional bearings?

Since some wheelsets come with their own bearings, and some do not, the answer will depend. Anyway, you should look for a durable and reliable bearing set, as the original ones might not be good enough.

Will this wheel fit into my longboard?

If you use the standard suspension bracket, the majority of the wheels produced now will fit into your longboard. Make sure to get proper bearings.

Can I use soft skateboard wheels with my longboard?

It is better to buy specialized wheels for a longboard. Skateboard wheels have slightly different purposes: they are hard enough and more maneuverable.

If you manage to assemble a longboard with skateboard wheels, you will lose your cohesion, surface tension, and speed. It might be dangerous, as a longboard is designed for high speeds.

Most Important Longboard Wheel Characteristics

One cannot pick the first set of wheels that appears. There is a range of characteristics that will help you to define a useful and high-quality item:


Polyurethane (or simply urethane) is the main material used in wheel production. Its structure and characteristics can change depending on the purpose. It is no secret that urethane is quite popular in car building.

While you are choosing the wheels, make sure that they are made from urethane.

Rubber, plastic, metal, wood, and any other substituting material will not provide you with the same hardness and durability. Even gel wheels are worse than urethane wheels.


This is the most important parameter to look at. The hardness can be referred to as durometer, durability degree, softness. It is indicated with the letter “A” and a number. The bigger number indicates the harder wheels.

The softest wheels have this parameter between 50A to 70A. Soft wheels are used with skateboards. They are good for freestyling, dancing, and doing tricks.

As a rule, all the longboard wheels are considered to be of middle and high hardness: from 75A to 85A.

The hardness for longboard wheels
Via: @twelveboardstore

The hardest wheels can reach up to 101A. Such wheels are used for special cross-country skateboards.

Also, there is another hardness parameter that is indicated with the letter “B.” It is used by Bones and other famous brands. For instance, 84B hardness is equal to 104A.

The hard wheels provide better cohesion with the surface and speed. At the same time, it is more difficult to break with them. Hard wheels are likely to shiver from the surface imperfections. Also, hard wheels are considered to be less maneuverable.

Still, medium and hard ratios are the best for the longboard riding, as they must stand asphalt. If you have chosen the hard wheels, you can compensate it with special shoes with anti-shocking properties.


The size matters depending on your height. Short people need to look for smaller wheels.

Size wheels for longboard
Via: @jeff_longboard

However, this parameter is less important when it considers longboards: they all have relatively big wheels with big contact zones. Less diameter is needed if you want to do complicated tricks with your longboard.


Some people still argue if a color can affect the performance of a wheel. Some sources claim that wheels of the same color provide more speed than their many-colored alternatives.

We can presuppose that adding a coloring pigment into urethane can change its characteristics. However, there is no clear evidence for this claim.

Color for longboard wheels
Via: @flatspotshop

The pigment is added to the urethan when it is being melted, so there is no impact on the final structure. If you are sure that the wheels of different colors perform worse, choose whatever you need.


Every self-respecting company that constructs longboards can provide you with the wheels as well. On the other hand, there are many producers that specialize on the wheels exceptionally.

Here, you need to check the overviews and opinions about any particular model. Do not forget about the price: wheels can be very cheap and bad at the same time. In our opinion, here you must not look for the most affordable variant.

Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

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