Best Pintail Longboard

Best Pintail Longboard

A longboard is a dream of many people.

A good longboard increases mobility and allows you to stand out.

You can move around without being afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

It doesn’t run out of fuel. When moving on a longboard, you do sport.

The best downhill longboard can be a sign of belonging to a particular group or subculture. It can tell about your interests and your budget, too. Plus, it provides an amazing riding experience.

A longboard of bad quality can spoil the riding experience. Besides, it can be dangerous. Imagine if a wheel breaks down or if trucks fail.

It is important to know how to choose a longboard correctly. While the price matters, but here, it is not the crucial factor. There are some requirements that a good longboard shall comply with. Such details as deck material, trucks, wheels are important.

The longboard design is crucial, too. There are specific designs for different purposes. While for cruising, one design is fine, it might be absolutely not suitable for tricks.

Here, we will check the top longboards and their specifications. You will also learn how to choose the best pintail longboard based on your requirements.

Top Pick

Yocaher Blank

Yocaher Blank

  • Design Griptape
  • 9-Ply Maple Deck
  • 180mm Hanger

Pintail Longboards Comparison Chart


Yocaher Blank

Yocaher BlankSize: 40" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 7 Chrome
Deck: 9-Ply Maple
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Yocaher Checker

Yocaher CheckerSize: 40" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 7 Chrome
Deck: 7-Ply  Maple
Check Price

TGM Skateboards DECK

TGM Skateboards DECKSize: 43" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 7 Stainless Steel
Wheels: 63mm PU, 78A Hardness
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Yocaher Flat Pro

Yocaher Flat ProSize: 40" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 7 Chrome
Deck: 9-Ply Maple
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Krown Wave Crest

Krown Wave CrestSize: 43" x 9"
ABEC Rating: 7
Deck: Canadian Maple
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5 Best Pintail Longboards (as of June, 2024):

1. Yocaher Blank Pintail Longboard Review

Yocaher Blank

This Yocaher Blank longboard was designed for beginners.

It can be used for any type of activity except for tricks.

The board is made from 9 layers of natural maple. It guarantees the needed sturdiness level.

Its trucks are made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy. It guarantees the needed sturdiness and reliability.

The wheels are durable enough. Their size is 70x52mm. These speed cruiser wheels allow riding as fast as you want.

78a hardness level guarantees the safety on the road. ABEC-7 precision bearings guarantee smooth movement and top reliability level.

The best longboard decks are always tested to comply with a number of criteria. Yocaher Blank longboard has been tested to ensure that a wheelbite isn’t possible from any angle. It allows for any turns and maneuvers.

The deck does not have a concave. It is a drawback for those who love paddling. It means that you can count on yourself only; nothing will stop your foot from sliding down from the board.

Yocaher Blank Review, Pros and Cons

It is also a drawback if you ride not only on smooth city roads but on rougher terrain, too. The board itself is stable, though.

The wheelbase is 24.5 inches, the deck width is 9 inches, its length is 40 inches. It provides enough space for feet to ride for hours without getting tired.

Yocaher Blank
Via: @surfsupecoshopandrentals

These dimensions, along with top-quality materials, ensure comfortable riding for hours. A nice graphic makes you stand out. The board comes fully assembled. You can ride it immediately after having bought it.

Main Features

  • Design Griptape
  • Deck Size: 40″ Long x 9″ Wide
  • Wheel Base: 24.5″
  • 9-Ply Maple Deck
  • Speed Cruiser 70x52mm Solid Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
  • Rubber Riser With Grip Tape
  • Fully Assembled


  • Comfortable deck size
  • Top-quality materials


  • No concave

2. Yocaher Checker Pintail Longboard Review

Yocaher Checker

Yocaher is known for its safe, sturdy, and easy-to-manage longboards.

Yocaher Checker is a perfect board for every beginner.

It is made from premium quality maple wood. 7 layers of it make the board sturdy and able to handle most of the riders.

Black grip tape adds elegance and allows keeping your foot in place even during the fastest ride. It is recommended to ride on the streets. But you can use it in parks, for ramps, and other smooth surfaces.

Heavy-duty trucks made from durable aluminum alloy can support any weight riders. The deck is 40 inches long and 9 inches wide. The wheels are 70×52 mm.

The best longboard wheels for cruising are made from durable PU, and their size is perfect for providing top maneuverability level. High-precision bearings guarantee a smooth ride.

Yocaher Checker Review, Pros and Cons

The board is a perfect choice if you like:

  • Cruising;
  • Freeride;
  • Sliding;
  • Curving;
  • Freestyle.

It is not suited for tricks.

Yocaher longboard is a perfect choice for beginners. It is stable and offers a decent maneuverability level. It comes fully assembled, so you can ride it as soon as it is delivered.

Main Features

  • Deck Size: 40″ Long x 9″ Wide
  • 7-Ply Maple Deck
  • 70x52mm Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • 125mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Grade 8 Kingpin, 90A PU Cushion
  • Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Black Griptape
  • Abec 7 Chrome Bearings


  • Suitable for a variety of riding styles
  • Sturdy


  • Not suitable for tricks

3. TGM Skateboards DECK Pintail Longboard Review

TGM Skateboards DECK

These TGM Skateboards DECK longboards are made by one of the popular longboard and skateboard manufacturers.

The deck size is 43 x 9 inches.

It provides enough space for a foot while being not too sturdy.

The wheels are 63mm in diameter. They are made from polyurethane and have 78a hardness level. It might be smaller than usual wheel size for beginners, but with it, you can make sharper turns. Some practice is needed to handle it.

ABEC 7 Stainless steel bearings are reliable and guarantee years of smooth riding experience.

Make sure though you check and replace them regularly. Some customers have complained about the bearings. If you like riding fast and for long distances, be ready that you might need to replace the bearings.

A wheel bite can be dangerous and can damage your board. 1/2 inch risers reduce the possibility of wheel bite.

Safety matters when it comes to sports. The longboard features a black grip-tape on its surface. It keeps your foot on the board for additional safety.

TGM Skateboards DECK Review, Pros and Cons

The graphic is perfect. It is vivid, attracts attention, and is suitable for any rider of any age. You can choose one of three options. They are all nice, and your choice will depend on your personal preferences only.

The board is a perfect option for beginner riders and experts in riding. You can use it for:

  • Cruising;
  • As an alternative to common transportation ways;
  • Downhill carving;
  • Freeriding.

If you are looking for an option for tricks, you might need to choose a professional longboard.

Main Features

  • Deck Size: 43″ Long x 9″ Wide
  • 63mm PU Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • Pre-Assembled Complete
  • Great Smooth Ride
  • Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Black Grip Tape
  • 1/2″ Risers


  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts


  • Bearing

4. Yocaher Flat Pro Review

Yocaher Flat Pro

This Yocaher Flat Pro longboard is recommended for beginners.

It is made of 9 layers of maple wood.

Yocaher longboards are very durable.

Heavy-duty trucks are made from aluminum alloy. A 180 hanger adds to the board’s safety and functionality.

For wheels, ABEC-7 bearings are used. They are the best if you practice picking up at top speed. Also, they allow you to ride as fast as you can without safety concerns.

Yocaher Flat Pro Review, Pros and Cons

The wheel diameter is 70mm. 78A hardness level guarantees additional elasticity without compromising durability.

The wheels absorb the shock from small cracks on the road pavement, stones, debris, and similar.

Medium flex allows for maximum board control. They allow for decent maneuverability. These boards are perfect for newbies who have never ridden a longboard before, and for riding pros.

Main Features

  • Deck Size: 40″ Long x 9″ Wide
  • 9-Ply Maple Deck
  • Medium Flex
  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Q-Ball 70 x 52mm Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • Abec 7 Chrome Bearings


  • Durable
  • Maximum board control


  • Not suitable for tricks

5. Krown Wave Crest Review

Krown Wave Crest

If you are interested in something to ride around or commuting, Krown Wave Crest Longboard shall be your choice.

Canadian maple wood is known to be strong and lightweight.

That’s why it is used for most longboards. Wave Crest Longboard is not an exception.

Its 43×9 inch deck provides enough space for your foot. It is perfect for maneuvering and keeps the balance. The wheel diameter is 63mm. It means that you can ride on roads or rougher terrains. For the second option, you need some experience.

78a hardness level means that you shall be not afraid that a wheel can be punctured. They absorb the stress from bumps. The needed comfort level is guaranteed even if you crash against a stone or run into a crack.

7 inch trucks provide optimal turning ability. It ensures movement smoothness and stability. A special design boosts longboard performance. Its stylish silver color also adds to the longboard style.

Safety is the main concern of any board-rider. To boost safety level, Wave Crest Longboard is equipped with grip tape. It keeps your shoes on the board, whatever happens.

Krown Wave Crest Review, Pros and Cons

The vivid and bright design attracts attention. It will be liked by any age rider. The board is good for newbies and professionals. It can be used for the majority of riding styles, except for tricking.

Main Features

  • Deck Size: 43″ Long x 9″ Wide
  • 63mm Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • 7.0 Aluminum Trucks
  • Pre-Assembled Complete
  • Canadian Maple Deck
  • Abec 7 Bearings
  • Grip Tape
  • 1/2″ Risers


  • Provides smooth and stable movement


  • It is not on the cheap side

Buyer`s Guide

It is difficult to choose a longboard. The choice is very big, and the price is not always the determining factor. When choosing a longboard, you need to pay attention to such factors as:

  • Riding style;
  • The shape of the deck, its style;
  • The wheelbase and the length of the board;
  • Its construction;
  • The wheels;
  • The board flex;
  • Trucks;
  • Bearings.

All of these factors are crucial. They all influence the board performance, stability, riding smoothness, and safety.

If you ignore at least one of them, it will compromise one or several important features and will put your longboard safety and riding comfort at risk.

Longboard Riding Style

There are different riding styles. For every style, a different board suits. For riding in a campus or a city, you buy one board. For rushing downhill, a different board will be suitable. For doing tricks, you need a different board again.

The choice depends on the place where you live. If your residence place is a city, most likely, a board for cruising shall be your first choice. If your accommodation is located in the mountains, you need a longboard for hills.

Cruising and Carving

Longboards for cruising and carving are used to ride streets with gradual slopes. They are perfect for long distances on slightly sloped or flat surfaces. Longboards for cruising & carving are the best option for beginners.

Downhill Longboarding

This longboarding type is all about riding in hills and mountains. Longboards for downhill riding are robust and have resistant trucks and wheels.

They are designed to maintain control even at the highest speed. Longboards for hill riding are good for professionals but not for beginners.


Freeride is a combination of downhill riding with styling up on curb hops or sliding to control the speed when the descent is significant. Longboards for freeriding are sturdy.

They are designed to allow maximum control. This longboard type is for expert riders.


This is a way to ride just as you want. You can do sliding, do tricks, dance, or whatever. Boards for freestyle riding are perfect for beginner riders to learn the basics and for experts.

Longboards for freestyle
Via: @idriveherbie

Deck Shape and Its Style

We can distinguish two main shapes of a longboard desk:

  • Directional;
  • Twin (it is also called symmetrical).

Other shapes are the variations of these two main shapes.

A directional deck type is designed to move forwards only. One of the most common shapes is called Pin Tail. This shape is commonly used in longboards for carving, cruising, downhill riding.

A twin deck is designed to move both backward and forwards. Such decks feel the same doesn’t matter whether you are moving forward or backward. They are perfect for freestyle, freeride, and tricks.

Deck style is one more crucial factor to pay attention to. The general rule tells that the higher the deck is from the ground, the less control you have over it. It is less stable, and you need to make more effort to push it or to brake.

A lower deck means more control and more agility. But the chances to roll over are high if you get into a crack or on a stone.

There are several types of deck style:

  • Top mount – a longboard is installed on the trucks. Such boards provide less stability. But they are nimbler. Top mount boards have a wider functionality and can be used for any type of riding.
  • Drop-through – a longboard with trucks mounted through the deck. The deck height is lower. Such boards are more stable. They are easy to push. Drop through longboards are the best for moving to long distances: commuting, freeriding, downhill riding.
  • Drop-deck – these longboards are made so that the deck is below the trucks. They look strange, but they are very efficient. The gravity center is very low. You need to make the least effort to push a drop-deck board. They are the best for downhill riding and freestyle.

Particular deck features shall be considered, too. They help to determine how a specific longboard can be used.

A kicktail is a part of a deck located at the end of the board. A board can have a kicktail from one side only or from both sides. A kicktail allows you to lift the board quickly to make a quick turn or an abrupt maneuver.

The cutouts for wheels are one more crucial feature. They are made to prevent wheel bite.

A wheel bite is when wheels kick the deck during a quick turn or jump. If it happens, the rider is usually thrown down from the longboard. The longboard is damaged, too.

The concave means that the board edges are higher than the central part of the deck. It helps to keep your foot in place. The deeper the concave is, the more grip it provides. A deeper concave is typical for boards for downhill and freestyle riding.

The Wheelbase and the Length of the Board

The wheelbase and the board length are crucial for the stability of the longboard. Longer boards are definitely more stable, but they are hard to turn. Shorter boards provide much less stability, but they are good for turns.

The Construction of Longboard

The most typical boards consist of several layers of wood, typically, birch or maple. The layers are glued and pressed with each other. The number of layers can be different. The more layers the board has, the more durable it is.

Yocaher Longboards
Via: @nz_foamer

Bamboo is becoming more popular. Bamboo layers are combined with the layers of fiberglass. These boards are more durable and lightweight. Usually, they are more expensive.

The most expensive boards are made of carbon fiber and other composite materials. The core of such a board is made of bamboo with a layer of foam. Then, this core is wrapped with composite materials. It adds rigidity.

The Wheels

The wheels are one of the most important elements of a longboard. They provide the grip between the board and the road surface. It influences the agility and the speed of the longboard.

When choosing a longboard, pay attention to:

  • Wheel shape: they can be square or round;
  • Wheel diameter: bigger wheels are more stable and allow you to ride over cracks and stones easily. Smaller wheels provide more speed and agility;
  • Wheel core: it is the central part of the wheel. It is the place that houses bearings.

The wheel core can be:

  • Centerset – a typical option for most boards;
  • Offset – located closer to the wheel center, they provide more balance and agility;
  • Sideset – they are located by the inner wheel lip. They offer wonderful slide-ability but cannot be replaced.

The Board Flex

Boards have their flex ratings. It depends on such factors as:

  • The material of the deck;
  • Concave;
  • The board length, and many more.

The flex can be:

  • Soft – it means that your board has a very high shock absorbance level. But it is unstable at high speeds.
  • Medium – it means that your board has a good shock absorbance level at bumps. You might feel it like a spring. It is stable at high speeds.
  • Stiff – it is less forgiving at bumps. A board with a stiff flex is very stable at speeds.


A truck is a device that attaches a wheel to the board. A longboard truck is usually equipped with an inverted or a reversed kingpin. It allows for more control. They can be adjusted.

A truck attaches a wheel to the board
Via: @idriveherbie

If you tighten the nut on the kingpin, you will get a stiffer feeling. It is better for high speeds. If you lose the nut, the wheels will rotate more freely. You will have to make less effort when pushing the board.


Bearings are devices that make the wheels spin. For them, a special standard is applied, called ABEC. The best bearings have the standard ABEC 7. They allow the wheels to spin fast and provide the top reliability level.


What wheels shall I opt for if I hate bumps on the road?

Your option is softer wheels. Check the 80a durometer wheels. If the wheels on your board are too small, you can try to change them for a bigger option if the cutouts allow.

Do bearings influence the speed of my longboard?

No, they don’t. But your longboard will serve longer if your bearings are good.

Krown Longboard
Via: @vanessa_rae_heyboer

What shall I do if my board stops every time it meets a crack?

Try to ride over a crack at an angle. The bigger the crack is, the bigger shall be the angle. Then, your board will not stop.

When I do not ride my longboard, it doesn’t move straight. Why does it happen?

Longboards are designed to be ridden on. It is normal that they don’t behave the same. But if your longboard doesn’t move properly, we recommend checking the bushing in the trucks. It might be worn out. If it is the case, replace it.

When bearings need a replacement?

It is easy to check your bearings. Take your board and spin a wheel. Does it stop abruptly? Check if the truck’s nuts are not tightened excessively. If not, then, you need to replace the bearing.

What is the wheel durometer?

A durometer is a device used to measure the urethane hardness. It shows how much pressure you need to apply to penetrate the wheel with a needle.

Longboard wheels have the range from 75a to 89a. Longboard wheels for cruising will have a lower rating than, say, longboard wheels for downhill riding.

What is a reverse kingpin?

It is a kingpin located at the side opposite to the axle. They turn more efficiently than common kingpins. Therefore, they are used in longboards for carving, and if you practice quick turns.

Trucks with reverse kingpins are higher than usual trucks. Traditional kingpins also work very well if you adjust them properly.

Can I maintain my longboard?

Yes, you shall not run it during rain, in the sand, or in puddles. Every half a year, you need to check and, possibly, to replace your bushing.

What shall I do if my trucks are squeaking?

This sound comes from a pivot cup. Between the bushing and the hanger, friction is produced. To get rid of unpleasant sounds, remove the hanger.

Take longboard wax and spread it inside of the pivot cup. Put the hanger into its place. The squeaking sound shall disappear.

Best Pintail Longboard

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