Best Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old: Buyer’s Guide

Best Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old

Children develop interests for everything at quite a young age.

Seeing an ad with cool skaters might trigger their interest in getting their own board and either learning how to do tricks or just casually cruising.

If you see that your kid gets curious about skateboards, it’s time to get him or her one.

The choice of the very first skateboard for a child should be made based on professional knowledge.

While researching the market, we’ve seen a lot of suitable boards for kids. But there are 5 options that we wished we had as children.

So, here’s a TOP-5 of the best skateboards for for 8-year-olds and a useful buyer’s guide at the end.

Top Pick

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

  • Lightweight & Compact Size
  • Solid 3” Aluminium Truck
  • Smooth Bearing & PU Wheels
  • Fully Assembled

Skateboards for an 8-Year-Old Comparison Chart


RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete SkateboardSize: 22" x 6"
Deck: Plastic
Max Load Weight: 198 lbs
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Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden Dragon

Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden DragonSize: 31.625" x 7.625"
Durometer: 99a
Wheel Diameter: 54mm
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MINORITY Maple Skateboard

MINORITY Maple SkateboardSize: 32" x 8"
ABEC Rating: 9 Chrome Steel
Max Load Weight: 220 lbs
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ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard

ENKEEO Cruiser SkateboardSize: 22" x 6"
ABEC Rating: 7
Max Load Weight: 220 lbs
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Moose OSNAT-1033 Old School

Moose OSNAT-1033 Old SchoolSize: 33" x 10"
Wheel Diameter: 58mm
Deck: 7-ply Canadian Maple
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5 Best Skateboards for an 8-Year-Old (as of May, 2024):

1. RIMABLE Complete Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old Review

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

This RIMABLE Complete Skateboard is one of the best options that will keep your kid’s interest in skating hot for a long time.

You can get it as a simple training skateboard or make it a birthday present because its package is quite festive.

The Rimable board is compact yet has a professional vibe to it, which means the quality of ride will satisfy both parents and children.

Design and Features

Rimable skateboards were created to appeal with their design first. Not all 8-year-olds know what kind of board they need, but seeing a beautiful, bright appearance will create an impression. The patterns presented by the brand are something to appreciate!

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard Review, Pros and Cons

The board has aluminum trucks suitable for cruising; the deck is plastic yet very sturdy and flexible enough to accommodate a beginner.

Features of the board include:

  • Sturdy, high-quality materials for deck, trucks, and wheels;
  • Compact size combined with high capabilities like carrying up to 198 lbs;
  • Polyurethane wheels, perfect for cruising;
  • 3” solid aluminum trucks to accommodate the wheels;
  • Smooth, beginner-friendly bearings;
  • Only 4 pounds of weight, easy to carry even for a child.


This board’s biggest benefit is its size. Not a lot of children would like to lug a large board around. This one is very comfortable to carry and quite fast, getting your kiddo anywhere they want.

This isn’t the best choice if you have pavements with terrible cracks and holes, but for regular cruising, this penny is one of the best choices.

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard
Via: @dnt.91_

It’s also quiet, which is another benefit both for kids and parents. The skater will feel safe and not draw too much attention to their practice. And you as a parent won’t have to get annoyed when a kid skates for hours somewhere nearby.

Main Features

  • Plastic Mini Cruiser
  • 22” Long x 6” Wide Deck
  • Sturdy, High-Quality Materials
  • High Quality 3” Thick Aluminium Trucks
  • Super Smooth PU Wheel
  • High Speed Bearing
  • Max Load Weight 198 lbs
  • Only 4 PPounds Of Weight
  • Fully Assembled


  • Aesthetically appealing board
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively big wheels to keep the board steady


  • None found

2. Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden Dragon Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old Review

Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden Dragon

Looking for a great value and price ratio, don’t pass the Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden Dragon.

This is a complete skateboard with powerful design and fierce character.

It will show your kid what skating is, keeping them safe yet showing all the benefits of high speed and premium stability.

Design and Features

The appearance of the board is mesmerizing and shows serious intentions for practice. The brand has been in the business since 1978, constantly improving and learning new things.

Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden Dragon Review, Pros and Cons

These guys know what a balance of versatility and breathtaking design is. Besides, the material quality has always been on a high level, so your kid is safe.

Some of the most prominent features of the board are:

  • Versatility of use, so it’s suitable for both beginners and experts;
  • The wheels are hand-cast, provide a high rebound and sufficient grip to always keep the board stable. They are 54mm and 99a.;
  • The trucks are sturdy and adjustable to your preference.


Although the board is quite affordable, the materials and the construction are of high quality. The bearings are actually very nice, which isn’t the most important thing for a beginner but will matter a lot for an intermediate skater.

Powell-Peralta 160081 Golden Dragon
Via: @titusbamberg

The trucks come set up nicely, totally beginner-friendly. But you can always adjust them to your liking. All the parts of this board are quite impressive, given its price.

There’s also a griptape in the package, which might not be as durable as one might need, but for a beginner kid, it’s perfectly fine.

The wheels are suitable for both trick mastering and regular street riding. 99a durometer is more on the harder side, but their benefit is durability, which is super important for someone who’s about to try skating for the very first time.

Main Features

  • For Beginners & Advanced Riders
  • 31.625” Long x 7.625” Wide Deck
  • 54mm Wheel Diameter
  • 99a Durometer
  • PGD Super High Rebound
  • Sturdy & Adjustable Trucks
  • Hand-Cast Polyurethane Wheels
  • Dreat Roll & Grip
  • Grippy Top Board
  • Colorful Screen-Printed Bottom


  • Great for starters and experts
  • High maneuverability
  • Great stability
  • Griptape included
  • Durable materials
  • Affordable


  • With a load over 200 lbs, the wheels feel too soft

3. MINORITY Maple Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old Review

MINORITY Maple Skateboard

An aesthetically pleasing skateboard is never a bad thing, especially if it’s combined with high-quality materials and functionality.

If you’re after a fast, unique, and smooth skateboard for your child to try, don’t pass MINORITY Maple models.

You’re getting a wooden deck, flexible enough to do maneuvers yet strong enough to keep the kid safe.

Design and Features

The design traditionally combines functionality and sturdy materials. You get aluminum, 100% maple, and high-rebound polyurethane all over the thing.

MINORITY Maple Skateboard Review, Pros and Cons

The graphic design is also quite impressive, making this unit a wonderful choice for those who care about the style, not only about functionality.

Here are some of the key features:

  • 7 plies of hard-rock cold-pressed maple formed into a 32”x8” spacious deck;
  • A mild, snuggling concave suitable for any trick;
  • 5” aluminum alloy trucks that are long-lasting and adjustable;
  • ABEC-9 bearings for high speed and butter-smooth ride;
  • 52mm, 102a polyurethane wheels, and 78a high-rebound bushings.


The board is great for trick-mastering thanks to the concave and hard wheels.

The unit comes assembled, but the trucks are usually pretty loose. It would be great to have someone who can adjust the tightness to the kid’s liking. After only one adjustment, they stay the same and work just fine.

The bearings on this thing are very, very good. They might need some time to break in, but when they do, you’ll never want other bearings again.

You don’t need to push a lot, which saves energy for more learning and trying. One push will give you a lot of speed and constant rolling.

THere’s only one thing that could be improved, and it’s the griptape. After even a month, it starts to peel if the board is actively used.

Main Features

  • Ideal For Any Tricks
  • 32” Long x 8” Wide Deck
  • 7-ply Of Hard-Rock Cold-Pressed Maple
  • Mediate Concave
  • 5” Aluminum Alloy Trucks
  • Carbon Steel Kingpin
  • 78A High Rebound PU Bushing
  • ABEC-9 Chrome Steel Bearings
  • 52mm 102A PU Wheels
  • Strikingly Attractive Graphics
  • Max Support Weight 220 lbs


  • Durable materials
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fast bearings
  • Hard wheels for tricks
  • Mild concave


  • Grip tape needs improvement

4. ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard Review

ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard

Almost any skateboard should be versatile, especially if it’s for a beginner.

Enkeeo mini cruiser is so versatile that it suits all members of the family.

It can be a training board for your child or a mini-cruiser for you to get around town.

The materials create a sturdy construction that can hold up to 220 lbs of weight.

It’s very beginner-friendly, starting with a bright design suitable for kids and finishing with the functionality every element provides.

Design and Features

The appearance of the board reflects its sturdy construction and stylish finishing touches. You’ll find a lot of patterns that will appeal to the children who are interested in style.

ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard Review, Pros and Cons

The board is 22” and has polyurethane wheels, ready to hold your child on the way to the first skating success. It will give your starter all the fun and smoothness the first skateboard or longboard (they are different, don’t confuse) should give.

Here are some key features of the unit:

  • Easy moves with enough ability to slide, yet steadiness of a cruiser;
  • Bright colors that make this board a real eye-candy;
  • Durability of a bendable deck made from polypropylene and soft casters that will snuggle your kid during their first rides;
  • Absolutely beginner-friendly construction. It’s very easy to control, even if it’s your first time standing on a cruiser;
  • ABEC-7 bearings, very precise and speedy;
  • Polyurethane wheels with 85a durometer are a great balance between grippy cruising and great maneuverability.


The board has all features of a high-quality, sturdy mini cruiser. It might be too small for tall, heavy children to master as their first board, but in general, you won’t be disappointed.

Enkeeo always uses high-quality materials, so even if it’s plastic, it’s also durable. The brand offers a bridge between the worlds of beginners and professionals – just what a newcomer needs to keep them practicing!

You can also use the board as a mini-cruiser, just make sure there’s no more than 220 lbs of load on it.

ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard
Via: @enkeeo

It’s ready for use right out of the box, which is very convenient if you’re buying a gift for a child.

Main Features

  • For Children, Youth & Adults
  • For Different Street Surface
  • 22” Long x 6” Wide Deck
  • Max Support Weight 220 lbs
  • 85a Durometer
  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Deck From Durable & Bendable Polypropylene
  • CE Certification
  • Fully Assembled


  • Beginner-friendly board
  • Perfect mini-cruiser
  • Combines tech and fashion
  • Suitable for uneven terrains
  • ABEC-7 bearings, quite a lot for a beginner (in a good way)
  • Ready for use out of the box


  • Might be too small if your kid needs extra stability

5. Moose OSNAT-1033 Old School Review

Moose OSNAT-1033 Old School

Moose OSNAT-1033 Old School skateboard is multi-purpose.

You can use it for downhill riding, cruising, freestyle, etc.

It’s also an Amazon Choice item, which means a lot of buyers are satisfied with what they got.

The ratio of price and quality of this board is impressive.

Design and Features

This is a classic model suitable for kids and adults who don’t like anything too colorful. If abstract patterns aren’t your thing and you’re looking for something old-school, this is the one.

Moose OSNAT-1033 Old School Review, Pros and Cons

Here are some of the features you get:

  • The materials are of high quality. The deck, for example, is made from 100% Canadian Maple which provides enough strength and stability in balance with lightweight and flexibility.
  • The construction of the whole board is sturdy. It’s equipped with Core 6.0 Trucks, 58mm 97A medium hard wheels, Black Diamond Griptape, and even risers.
  • This is a classic board for those who like simple things and want their image to give out the old-school vibe. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use your creative ideas to make the board unique, bright, and fit your image perfectly. Just make sure you use paint and other substances that won’t damage the wood and finish on it.
  • The deck is quite spacious, which is very convenient for those who like to feel free on their skateboard.
  • The grip tape that comes in the package allows for more stability and better grip with the board, although the wheels are quite hard;
  • While the design is simple, you can choose from a range of 5 colors. Your board can become a single accent, an addition to your monochrome image, or a base for all the creativity you have.
Moose OSNAT-1033 Old School
Via: @puriticoskateboarding


This is a nice board for creative riders, those who like a lot of space and need extra stability. Anyone will appreciate the amount of space this item has without losses in flexibility and lightweight.

It’s very friendly with beginners, giving them enough space to feel steady even if it’s the first time staying on a skateboard.

Main Features

  • Classic Design
  • Full Body Shape with Modern Concave
  • Large Kicktail & Kicked Nose
  • 7-ply Canadian Maple
  • 33” Long x 10” Wide Deck
  • Core 6.0 Trucks
  • 58mm 97A White Wheels
  • Amp 5 Speed Bearings
  • Black Diamond Griptape
  • Hardware & Risers
  • Fully Assembled


  • Durability
  • High-quality Canadian Maple
  • Simple design
  • Spacious deck
  • Easy to customize
  • 5 color options
  • Grip tape in the package


  • Concave might become a problem
  • Not suitable for extreme pressure

Skateboards for 8-Year-Olds Buyer’s Guide for Parents: What to Look for in a Board

How do you choose a skateboard for a child? If any, what are the criteria for a good board? We’ve tried to combine key features, including the price and the build.

First of all, here are some reference points for those who choose a quick choice:

  • Price.
    The best boards for children are usually somewhere in the $60-$120 range. It’s not quite cheap, but you want such a board to be 100% of high quality. The first skateboard should last at least 1-2 years, depending on the frequency.
  • Width.
    7.5”-7.75” should be just fine. For a kid, this is more important than the length since it will depend on the width.
  • Shape.
    Depending on what your kid likes more, you can get a regular popsicle board or a mini-cruiser. The first type will suit those kids to want to go to a skatepark and learn all the tricks. The second one will suit those who want to cruise around more than doing anything particular.
  • Wheels.
    50mm wheels are the minimal option. If you go for a cruiser, choose larger ones. Small wheels provide better speed acceleration yet less traction and stability, while large ones provide better overall speed and more traction. As to the durometer, 90a+ will work out great for a skatepark, and 82a and less will be suitable for cruisers.

If you’re still not getting enough pieces for a full picture of what kind of skateboard you need for a child, hop on one of the aforementioned TOP choices. All of them will be suitable for kids, depending on their interests and overall skills.

Now, for those who’d like more knowledge on every point of the list, here are detailed explanations.

Skateboard Budget

If you’re tight on budget, it’s possible to get a penny board for as little as $30. However, usually, such cheap models don’t last long. Moreover, some might even be dangerous for a child to use.

You need a board that will withstand a fair amount of abuse and potential damage. Along with that, it has to keep your kid safe by being stable enough, made from high-quality materials.

And high-quality materials won’t cost you $20-$30, so prepare to invest a bit. Not to mention the comfort factor. If the skateboard is all bumpy and noisy, your child won’t like riding on it.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to spend $500 on a board. Even a decent downhill longboard shouldn’t cost that much unless you own a collection.

The adequate recommendation is to aim for $60-$110. Such skateboards usually have nice wheels, high-quality bearings (given you maintain them), a sturdy deck, and so on.

Best Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old
Via: @skate_casa

A high-quality deck alone should cost about $40-$50, so if you’re planning to pay that much for a whole assembled board, imagine the quality of its parts.

And with the more expensive boards, there might be another problem. What if the kid breaks it in the first couple of months? Anything can happen when you’re only learning first moves. Thus you’ll just lose a ton of money and get practically no benefit.

Skateboard Dimensions

High-quality boards come with widths from 6.25” to 7.75”, increasing by 0.25”. This might not seem like a lot of a change, but for a child, 7.5” might be much more roomy and comfortable than 7.25”.

High-quality skateboards for children
Via: @tsuttsu0389

There’s no golden rule as to the perfect width according to the rider’s age. Everything depends on the riding style, shoe size, height, and weight. It’s obvious that heavier children with larger feet will need a wider board.

You can even go for an 8” deck if buying a board aimed at 2-3 years and more of use. This will be a great option for a cruiser so that the kid has plenty of space.

Skateboard Shape

There are basically 2 shape options when looking for a skateboard for your kid:

  • Standard popsicle shape.
    If the goal is to commute and ride in a skatepark, a regular popsicle will work just fine. It’s also a great basic model for the kid to get used to.
  • Mini-cruiser shape.
    As the name suggests, these are primarily for cruising. Fish-shaped decks come with bigger tails, a shorter wheelbase, and usually, no nose. These are wider and more convenient to stand on, therefore making your kid’s cruising experience smooth.
Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old
Via: @sassynalani

You can get either of these or something in-between if you’re not 100% sure what your child will want to do with the board. You’ll be able to customize it later on as you get an idea of what the skateboard needs.

Skateboard Wheels

Any skateboard can be customized to your own purposes if you know what kind of, say, wheels, your kid needs. This depends on the riding style he or she wants to learn. It can be either street riding with tricks, urban commute, or cruising:

  • The first style requires a smaller set, about 50-51mm in diameter. Such a set implies your kid is going to perform tricks and ride on kickflips, ollies, and rails;
  • Regular skatepark and street riding will be the most convenient with 52-53mm wheels;
  • Cruising will be a delight with larger wheels, say, 58-60mm. They will provide faster speed and steadier ride, going over cracks and bumps easily.

Larger wheels are for longboards.

Skateboard Wheels
Via: @farzad.h

As to the durometer, it’s another parameter defined by the goal you’re after:

  • Skatepark riding and trick mastering require hard, durable wheels. Aim for 99a+ durometer and rounded lip profile – these will provide less grip and more response from the board;
  • Regular street riding will require a slightly softer set of wheels. 85a-90a should work just fine, providing enough stability and grip, as well as lots of opportunities to break into sliding;
  • Cruisers require much softer wheels since there’s a lot of uneven terrains, and you need steady riding. 78a-85a wheels should work alright, just keep in mind that they are less durable. A lot of longboards use soft wheels since they are often used for cruising and carving.

Choose wheels that will last and won’t need too much maintenance and effort (like DIY wax, frequent cleaning, etc.).

The First Board Defines the Experience

Getting your kid their first skateboard, you should seek for a balance of price and quality. It’s going to see some falls, terrain abuse, da damage.

And the skateboard wheels, the trucks, the bearings, the deck have to withstand that and keep your kid stable on the street.

Choose every detail wisely, change something if you feel like it’s not safe enough for a child. Support the kid’s interest in skating because it’s very easy to learn anything when you’re only 8 years old.

Some even start earlier, mastering difficult tricks in months. But the basis for success is not only the interest but a high-quality skateboard as well.

Best Skateboard for an 8-Year-Old

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