Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Buyer’s Guide

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

Skateboards are usually for tricks, right?

Well, apparently not only for that because a lot of people use their boards for cruising, even for long distances.

You don’t have to buy a longboard to cruise around town.

Go for similar wheels, just a little smaller than those for longboard cruising or sliding, if you’re into that as well.

The differences are slight, to be honest, but they make a lot of difference. To make sure you’re getting the best options possible for your cruising skateboard, we’ve prepared a TOP-5 of wheelsets that will make your experience flawless.

Some of these are also good for a freeride, sliding, or a few easy tricks – we tried to combine all kinds of features in this TOP list.

After the options, you can see a buyer’s guide with detailed instructions on choosing cruising and street skating wheels! So what, let’s cruise through the best skateboard wheels?

Top Pick

Ricta 32927 Clouds

Ricta 32927 Clouds

  • 78a Durometer
  • Modern Shaped
  • Quiet Ride

Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Comparison Chart


Ricta 32927 Clouds

Ricta 32927 CloudsDiameter: 61mm
Durometer: 78a
Contact Patch: 32mm
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Orangatang Fat Free

Orangatang Fat FreeDiameter: 65mm
Durometer: 77a
Contact Patch: 37mm
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Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 Snakes

Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 SnakesDiameter: 66mm
Durometer: 75a
Contact Patch: 38mm
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Everland Store Skateboard Wheels

Everland Store Skateboard WheelsDiameter: 65mm
Durometer: 78a
Contact Patch: 51mm
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Landyachtz Hawgs Fatty

Landyachtz Hawgs FattyDiameter: 63mm
Durometer: 78a
Contact Patch: 50mm
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5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising (as of June, 2024):

1. Ricta 32927 Clouds Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Review

Ricta 32927 Clouds

These Ricta 32927 Clouds wheels bring a nice balance between cruising and trick practicing.

It’s very difficult to find such a wheelset that you can use for both while figuring out what works best.

The line has a lot of sizes and durometers, but the best for cruising is, of course, the softer one.

The whole line is great, so you can try different types of wheels on before settling for the best option.

Ricta 32927 Clouds Review, Pros and Cons


Here are some features you get with the Clouds wheelset:

  • 78a durometer for a lot of grip that will help you conquer most terrains;
  • Quiet ride, even at high speeds, which is good for those who don’t want to draw too much attention to their riding or the board itself;
  • 32mm contact patch for more traction and stability on any terrain.


For the best cruising experience, you should go for wheels that are 58mm+ and 85a and less. Ricta Clouds line offers just the guys for the job!

You won’t be able to learn difficult tricks on these wheels, and if you abuse them a lot, they will wear out quite fast. But for cruising, these are perfect, even for long distances.

If you’re after more tricks and some cruising, there are 56mm/92a Clouds wheels that will do a great job. Keep in mind, though, that you will have to push a lot with such wheels.

Ricta Clouds Wheels
Via: @slapwax

On the downside, due to the urethane formula used for the wheels, they might turn yellow pretty soon. But overall, the 78a ones are great for cruising and urban commute.

Main Features

  • Perfect for Cruising & Urban Commute
  • 78a Durometer
  • 61mm Diameter
  • 32mm Contact Patch
  • Modern Shaped
  • Quiet Ride, Even At High Speeds
  • Urethane Formula
  • More Traction & Stability On Any Terrain


  • Great structure for cruising
  • Reasonable price
  • Great range
  • Quiet ride


  • Become yellow quickly due to the urethane formula used and UV exposure
  • A bit bouncy if you combine the use with some tricks

2. Orangatang Fat Free Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Review

Orangatang Fat Free

These Orangatang Fat Free wheels are on the larger side, so you will definitely need a set of risers to accommodate the size.

They are bright and soft, perfect for convenient long-distance cruising.

They are smooth and silent, screaming only with their colorful design.

These are the grippiest wheels on the list, so soft you can almost squish them. Yet, they are super durable and handle rough surfaces like pros!

Orangatang Fat Free Review, Pros and Cons


The most prominent features of the wheels are:

  • 65mm diameter for higher speed retaining and stable ride. Make sure you use proper risers for such a wheel size;
  • 77a durometer for premium traction on any surface;
  • Bright design to add something extra to your style;
  • Quiet ride for those who get annoyed by noisy boards;
  • Amazing durability for such soft wheels. Softer urethane wears out quickly, but not the Happy Thane formula by Orangatang.


Orangatang wheels are some of the quietest and smoothest wheels you can find.

These aren’t for tricks due to their size and durometer, but you’ll be surprised by how great they are for long-distance cruising. You won’t feel much from going over curbs and rocks, and there’s no need to push all the time.

According to test rides, these wheels work great even with terrible bearings. But it’s not recommended to choose bad, cheap bearings for any wheels.

Orangatang Fat Free
Via: @roberthagstrom

When riding them for the first time, pay attention to the sound. It’s a bit squishy because the wheels are so soft and sticky. This is an ultimate criterium for a high-quality cruising wheel.

Main Features

  • For Minis & Double-Kick Skateboards
  • 65mm Diameter & 45mm Width
  • Durometers: 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a
  • 37mm Contact Patch
  • Happy Thane Formula
  • Encapsulated Core
  • Super Durable & Grip
  • Very Quiet & Smooth
  • Jehu V2 Bearings With Spacers & Speedrings
  • Rounded Lips With Stone-Ground Surface


  • Very quiet
  • The durometer is perfect for cruising
  • No need to push too much
  • Great vibration absorption
  • High durability
  • Do great even with bad bearings


  • None found

3. Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 Snakes Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Review

Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 Snakes

These Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 Snakes wheels impress with their durability and reliability.

The neon design looks amazing and will go with anything, becoming the main eye-candy!

If you choose this model, prepare to invest quite a bit, but rest assured that it’s worth it.

The wheels offer faster rolling due to a new urethane formula and can handle any terrain without shaking you all the time. Some of the best cruisers are sold with these.

Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 Snakes Review, Pros and Cons


Here are some important things to know about the Snakes wheels:

  • USA-made wheels for those who’d love to support a domestic product;
  • Bright, colorful design that will become a highlight of your image;
  • Stone-ground finish, which means you don’t have to break the wheels in;
  • Predictable sliding for more convenience and riding opportunities;
  • 75a durometer for the best, smoothest ride on any surface;
  • Sizes up to 66mm, suitable both for large cruisers and longboards;
  • The momentum lasts forever, it seems, Push the board once, and you’ll go a long way;
  • Soft Slide Formula (SSF) offering multiple hardnesses in one wheel, offering more durability and better sliding control;
  • Warranty for every product sold by Skate One.


This is a respected manufacturer. Skate One brands include Bones wheels and bearings, Powell Peralta wheels and skateboards, and more. Everything is USA-made and of high quality.

The company has over 35 years of experience and is respected all around the country.

The wheels are quite expensive, so if you’re after the first set for a kid, leave this for later, when you are sure about what you want to achieve on your skateboard.

Skaters love these so much they clean them after rides and do DIY maintenance, which may sound ridiculous given the next time those wheels will get dirty again.

Powell Peralta WSCPPSSS6675G4 Snakes
Via: @mundodebob22

These wheels are often used on the best cruisers as the ultimate experience-maker. They are very soft yet slide well when needed.

Main Features

  • Neon Design
  • All Terrain Use
  • 75a Durometer
  • 66mm Diameter & 46mm Width
  • 38mm Contact Patch
  • Soft Slide Formula
  • Stone Ground Surface
  • Centreset Core
  • Round Lip Profile


  • Very durable
  • Amazing design
  • Respected manufacturer
  • Domestic manufacture
  • Continuous momentum
  • Great cruising qualities


  • Expensive
  • The graphic comes off quickly

4. Everland Store Skateboard Wheels Review

Everland Store Skateboard Wheels

Another option that will work well not only with cruiser skateboard but with longboards as well, the Everland Store Skateboard Wheels offer everything you need from a cruising set.

A wide contact patch will add extra grip and stability for your ride, so it’s a great choice for pros and beginners alike!

Even if it’s your first time on a skateboard, such large wheels with proper risers will make the first riding experience super smooth.

Everland Store Skateboard Wheels Review, Pros and Cons


Some of the most prominent features are:

  • 65mm diameter, which offers great speed maintenance with a long momentum. No more pushing around for a long time;
  • Reasonable price, which is great for beginners who only start tasting different terrains and want to improve their cruising skills;
  • 51mm contact patch provides extra stability, which opens more roads and terrains for cruising;
  • 78a durometer for a smooth ride on most roads;
  • A great option for those who like carving – no curb will become an obstacle.


The wheels are quite universal cruising-wise. Suitable for both beginners and pros, most bearings and trucks, as well as types of boards. And all this for a reasonable price!

The wheels hold bearings surprisingly tight, so you won’t stop after encountering a curb. If your city doesn’t have the smoothest sidewalks, this is a great set.

A lot of wheels in this category cost twice as much and don’t provide such toughness in combination with a soft durometer. Choose this set if you want to become a frequent cruiser and go for long distances.

Main Features

  • Great For Beginners
  • For Cruising & Carving
  • 65mm Diameter
  • 51mm Contact Patch
  • 78a Durometer
  • Softness Makes For Smooth Rolling
  • Works With Longboards


  • Large, wide wheels
  • Soft durometer
  • Great for both cruising and carving
  • Great for beginners
  • Durable


  • Might be too large for some skateboards

5. Landyachtz Hawgs Fatty Review

Landyachtz Hawgs Fatty

This is another great combination of price and quality for your cruising skateboard.

Landyachtz Hawgs Fatty are very decent competition to the most expensive wheels in the niche.

They ride fast and long, so you don’t have to push a lot.

The durability of this set is also quite impressive. Buy these once, and you’ll forget about having to buy another set for quite a while.

Fatty Hawgs are calm even when going over rocks and curbs, providing the rider with the same feeling – just what you need for cruising.

Landyachtz Hawgs Fatty Review, Pros and Cons


Here’s what you get with this promising set:

  • 50mm contact patch for extra stability and ease of movement;
  • 63mm diameter for big cruising goals;
  • Long momentum that will drive you a long way with only one push;
  • Premium speed capabilities;
  • 78a durometer – perfect for cruising and occasional sliding;
  • Rounded lip for more response from the wheels;
  • Pleasant, deep sound when riding on any terrain;
  • The color options are great, you can choose something that will suit your image very well;
  • Pre-broken in for the convenience of sliding;
  • Easy sliding due to considerable wheel hardness.


These wheels are very good for cruising except for one thing – they lack stickiness, according to some skaters.

The set is stable and will go over obstacles and grip you into corners, but if your top priority is sticky grip, this might not be the best option for you.

Other than that, this set is very well-balanced and will keep you stable due to its wide contact patch and overall size. The durability of these wheels is great due to their material quality, so they will go a long way as soon as you get used to them.

Try to stay away from wet surfaces as the traction might be worse then.

Make sure you put riser pads to make sure there’s no wheelbite, as these are quite large.

Main Features

  • For Cruising & Occasional Sliding
  • 63mm Diameter
  • 78a Durometer
  • 50mm Contact Patch
  • Easy Sliding & Extra Stability
  • Lightly Rounded Edges
  • Tough Nylon Core
  • Pre-Ground Running Surface


  • Great material quality
  • Durable
  • Large
  • Pre-broken
  • Wide contact patch
  • Great for cruising and occasional sliding


  • Not as sticky as other wheels
  • Need riser pads

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Perfect Wheel

There are so many types of boards: skateboard, longboard (yeah, they are quite different), penny board, and more. They are good for different goals and require certain wheels for those.

The wheels may be interchanged between the types to achieve the best riding quality.

It might all seem confusing, but here we will tell you every detail about choosing the best cruising wheels for your skateboard!

Keep in mind that a lot depends on your personal preference, so think about how you would want your board to cruise before choosing the wheels and shoes.

Most Common Skateboard Wheel Types

There are three major types of wheels suitable for different boards and riding styles. Sometimes, you can interchange them to get the best performance, but make sure there’s enough clearance to avoid wheelbite (on that later).

So, on a quest to the most suitable wheels, you’ll encounter:

  • Street/skatepark wheels.
    These are usually 50 to 60mm and 95-101a. Small and hard, these aren’t the best at grip and riding on uneven terrain. But for tricks, street riding, and skating in the park on a smooth surface, such wheels are the best. They slide easily, so you can start your way to professional powerslide.
  • Cruiser wheels.
    These are usually 54-60mm or more, with a 78-90a durometer. As the name implies, these wheels are the best for cruising and urban commute. They are much softer, meaning you get much more traction from them. This will hold you stable and safe on uneven surfaces and will absorb some of the vibration your board will get on a pavement. Such wheels usually have a wider contact patch for more stability and grip. Larger wheels provide higher speeds, while the smaller ones give you more acceleration.
  • Longboard wheels.
    Longboard wheels are usually 60-75mm in diameter and 75-85a in durometer. This is where wheels interchange because you can put 63mm or 65mm wheels on a skateboard with some risers and get quite a cruiser. Longboard wheels are larger, provide better speed, and usually are very soft. As long decks are usually used for cruising and downhill riding, large soft wheels suit the best for those purposes.
Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising
Via: @nano0628

Why Wheel Diameter Is Important

All wheels roll, right? While it may seem like they do it the same way, a type of rolling can provide a lot of opportunities for you to master the riding style of your choice. Here are some points of reference:

  • Smaller wheels roll faster, so they give more speed acceleration;
  • Smaller wheels are lighter and can give you more response, so even a small lean will lead to a major change of course. This is great for technical riding and tricks;
  • Larger wheels retain speed better and hold you closer to the ground, so to speak. They are heavier and have a wider contact patch, providing more grip;
  • Larger wheels are great for urban commute and bowl skating;
  • Smaller wheels can be put on larger boards;
  • Larger wheels should be put on smaller boards with riser pads to avoid wheelbite. The friction between the wheels and the deck can lead to abrupt stops, and it’s dangerous.

In combination with other qualities, the diameter of your wheels can make quite a difference for the comfort of the ride.

Contact Patch

Wheel’s contact patch or riding surface is the part that rolls on the ground. It’s not always the same as the width, but on that later. The wider this area is, the better you’ll cruise.

It takes some of the responsiveness from the wheels, but you get stability and comfortable commuting.

A narrower contact patch works great for street skating on smooth surfaces and trick mastering. They are also lighter and provide more response to your moves.

Wheel Profile

A wheel’s profile, lip profile, or edge is responsible for easier sliding and better responsiveness.

Rounder profile gets you more of that, while a sharp edge is better for cruising and commuting, offering more grip and keeping the board stable. It’s difficult to break into a slide with such a profile, unlike the round one.

Wheels Durometer

Polyurethane hardness is measured in the durometer. The most common range is 75a to 104a, ascending to the harder PU. Wheels 78a to 90a are considered soft, those from 90a to 98a are medium, and 99a and higher are the hard ones.

Polyurethane hardness is measured in the durometer
Via: @roberthagstrom

The first type is made for cruising, no matter if it’s a penny board, a skateboard, or a longboard. You can cruise on any of them, given you have suitable wheels.

Softer urethane provides a much better grip, making it easier to ride on different surfaces, but mostly uneven ones.

For smooth skate park riding, it’s better to buy harder wheels because they won’t slow you down and there’s not a lot of obstacles to get over. Riding on ledges, gaps, manual pads, and rails is much better and more convenient with harder wheels.

Keep in mind that Bones Wheels may use the B scale to describe their products. The measurement is the same, but you take 20 points from the number. So, a wheel that is 102a will be 82b if it’s Bones.

Accommodating Hardware

Bearings, trucks, riser pads, and other hardware is also important. The right choice of those will help the wheels open their potential to the fullest.

Make sure the bearings aren’t poor-quality, cheap noes, and clean them regularly. Tighten the trucks enough to ride comfortably without wobbling.

As to the risers, you may need them when going for any wheel over 58mm. Consider ⅛” shock pads or common risers. For regular 7-ply decks, any risers will fit. But if you have more plies in the deck, get suitable bolts to make sure the setup is safe.

Accommodating Hardware
Via: @orangatangwheels

They shouldn’t stick out too much, yet if the bolts are too short, you won’t be able to install the trucks correctly.

Also, be sure you have the right balance of risers and wheels. If the latter are 60mm, try ¼” risers first, and if the wheels are above 60mm, try ½” ones.

Not every skateboard or skater is the same, so you may change your setup several times before reaching the ultimate best.

Beginner Tips

If you’re a complete beginner and aren’t sure what wheels to choose, you can follow the list below. All the information and numbers might be difficult to comprehend at first, and you don’t know what wheelset will feel the best, so go for everything medium:

  • 52-55mm;
  • 85a-90a;
  • Beveled lip profile (slightly round; unless you’re aiming only at cruising);
  • Medium price (as well as for your first skateboard).

Such wheels will typically work adequately for cruising and let you try other riding styles to choose your favorite. As you do, there’s nothing complicated in changing the wheels for something that would enhance your performance.

Choose the Most Suitable Wheelset for Your Purpose

A couple points more or less in the durometer, several millimeters in diameter or contact patch can make sure a difference! There’s no wheel that’s the best at everything and for every riding style.

If it’s soft, it will provide amazing traction, but the life of such a wheel will be relatively short. If it’s hard but has lots of contact patches, you’ll ride well, but the responsiveness won’t be the best.

Don’t get all discouraged, though, since you’ll definitely find a balance – the best wheelset for your top needs. If those include grip and all-terrain rides – welcome to the low durometer and large diameter world.

And if you plan to do tricks along with cruising, it might be difficult to choose a set, but usually, a harder, smaller wheel will do the job adequately.

But first of all, make sure the material is high-quality and that you enjoy skating!

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

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