The Best Wheels for Street Skating

Best Wheels for Street Skating

Skating is my passion, thus, changing wheels has already become a routine.

I have been buying them online since I started skating.

I have already moved to more professional skates and have tried a lot of sets.

I know that many skaters still struggle when choosing wheels. It is valid for both beginners and experts.

In most cases, it is connected with the huge choice of wheels available online. Every provider insists that his wheels for street skating are the best.

Thus, I have decided to check what options are available online, and what of them are worth my attention. Alas, I need to buy a new set of wheels again, so it will be useful for me, too.

Top Pick

KSS HU-7289-3x8-P Outdoor Asphalt

KSS HU-7289-3×8-P Outdoor Asphalt

  • More Durable & Speed
  • 76mm Diameter
  • 89A Hardness

Wheels for Street Skating Comparison Chart


KSS HU-7289-3x8-P Outdoor Asphalt

KSS HU-7289-3x8-P Outdoor AsphaltDiameter: 76mm
Durometer: 89a
Set: 8 Wheels
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FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

FREEDARE Skateboard WheelsDiameter: 58mm
Durometer: 82a
Set: 4 Wheels, Bearings & Spacers
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FREEDARE Longboard Wheels

FREEDARE Longboard WheelsDiameter: 70mm
Durometer: 83a
Set: 4 Wheels, Bearings & Spacers
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Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-Bones

Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-BonesDiameter: 64mm
Durometer: 97a
Set: 4 Wheels
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Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels

Rollerex Phaser Skateboard WheelsDiameter: 54mm
Durometer: 92a
Set: 4 Wheels, Bearings, Spacers & Washers
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5 Best Wheels for Street Skating (as of May, 2024):

1. KSS HU-7289-3×8-P Outdoor Asphalt Wheels for Street Skating Review

KSS HU-7289-3x8-P Outdoor Asphalt

These wheels are one of my top choices.

KSS HU-7289-3×8-P Outdoor Asphalt are the best wheels, and here are some reasons why.

They have an 89a durometer rating.

It means that you get a long-lasting product.

These wheels last more than other options for the same price. If you use them on asphalt every day, you might need to rotate them every week.

KSS HU-7289-3x8-P Outdoor Asphalt

These wheels provide a good grip. You can manage them more easily; 76mm in diameter is a perfect size for both beginners and experts. It allows riding as fast as you want.

If you are looking for something for a child, get the best skateboard for 8 year old or whatever age the kid is, and you can equip it with these wheels.

KSS HU-7289-3x8-P Outdoor Asphalt Review, Pros and Cons

I don’t like the idea that they do not have bearings included in a set. It is more convenient to buy everything in a single set. It helps to avoid mistakes. But if your bearings are still fine, it is a convenient purchase.

These wheels are hard. It means that you will experience a significant loss of grip compared to, say, wheels that have an 85a durometer rating.

It means that you will have to adjust your riding style because, with them, every stone or surface imperfection will be felt severely.

Once more, these wheels are for beginners. Once you master your skating skills, you might want to move to the wheels with a standard durometer rating for street skating (99a and higher).

Main Features

  • Ideal For Beginners
  • More Durable & Speed
  • 76mm Diameter
  • 89a Durometer
  • Good Grip
  • Top-Quality Materials
  • Set of 8 Wheels


  • Good grip
  • Top-quality materials
  • Good for any type of skater, especially for beginners


  • The durometer rating is a little bit high for complete beginners
  • Come without bearings or other accessories
  • They are not good for slipping if you aren’t used to using them
  • If you love street skating and have proper skating skills, you might want wheels with a smaller diameter and higher durometer rating

2. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating Review

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

What I like about this FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels option is that the wheels come with bearings and spacers.

If you buy them, you have a replacement set without looking further.

The elements are preinstalled; you need just to install the wheels.

Their durometer rating is 82a which might be a little bit low for street skating, I mean if you are a professional. But if you use them as the best longboard wheels for cruising, they are ok even for skating experts.

For a beginner, they are just the right option. The wheels feel perfectly on asphalt or cement. I was surprised that, even though they are quite soft, they are very durable, much more durable than other brand wheels with the same durometer rating.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels Review, Pros and Cons

The diameter is 58mm, the width is 45mm. It is perfect for street skating, and if you consider the durometer rating, you will see that for beginners, these wheels are also very good.

I shall admit that they provide a good grip, and it is relatively easy to ride them. If you want to do tricks, you need to learn them first with bigger wheels, and then, you can switch to this set.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels
Via: @og.sets

The set includes 4 reels, while many distributors offer 8 wheels in a set. I don’t consider it a huge drawback, though.

It doesn’t belong to crucial features but I like that the wheels come in different colours.

These wheels are good for beginners and pros if you consider their specifics. They run smoothly and can be used not only on smooth surfaces but also on the streets that have potholes and stones.

The wheels of this brand are always mentioned in the best wheels ratings, and I understand why. For the price, you can hardly find something better.

Main Features

  • For Beginner & Pro
  • For Smooth Concrete Or Asphalt
  • Very Durable & Extremely Smooth
  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • 58mm Diameter & 45mm Width
  • 82a Durometer
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • ABEC-7 High Steel Bearings & Spacers
  • Delicate Packaging For Gift


  • They are suitable for any skater: a beginner and an expert
  • They provide a smooth ride
  • Durable
  • Bearings and spacers are included
  • The grip is good


  • The diameter is small for professionals

3. FREEDARE Longboard Wheels for Street Skating Review

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels

You might believe that this is my favorite brand, and you will be right: I like FREEDARE.

This FREEDARE Longboard Wheels is one more set that deserves your attention.

This time, they also come with bearings and spacers.

This is one of the main advantages because when you buy wheels, you get the entire replacement set. The elements are of top quality: ABEC-7 steel bearings, the spacers are preinstalled.

70mm diameter means that the wheels are a very good option for any type of skater. They allow you to control the skateboard perfectly.

83a durometer rating allows for smooth riding. It ensures the durability of the wheels. This durometer rating is a good option for street skating if you are just starting with skating.

A professional will look for a smaller diameter and a higher durometer rating.

One more detail I like is the design of the wheels. It is very delicate. The wheels can be installed on any board, any style, and color. They come in a variety of colors.

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels Review, Pros and Cons

While some customers still complain there are issues with bearings (they do not run as fast as expected), I don’t think that they are slow indeed.

Considering the diameter, the wheels are made not for fast riding. The bearings are selected just for the purpose.

Main Features

  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • 70mm Diameter & 51mm Width
  • 83a Durometer
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • ABEC-7 High Steel Bearings & Spacers
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • High Durability Level
  • Delicate Design With Dot Pattern
  • Very Durable For Street Skating


  • Bearings and spacers are included
  • The wheels guarantee superior control
  • They are smooth
  • High durability level
  • Wonderful design


  • Bearings are not good for fast riding

4. Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-Bones Review

Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-Bones

These Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-Bones wheels are perfect for beginners, and just the right fit for street skating.

I like them because they are kinda special.

The wheels are suited for kids and adults.

If you are into skating, you know that this brand is one of the best to buy products for generic use. Thus, Perala wheels for street skating are always the right choice.

The diameter is 64 mm, which is perfect for any type of skater. I have specifically mentioned that the wheels are perfect for beginners.

Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-Bones Review, Pros and Cons

There is no contradiction here; it is so because they provide superior grip, they simply stick to the surface. You might need to get used to this feeling, but you can be confident that they are super stable.

They don’t stop at pebbles, which adds to the pleasant experience. And they are just perfect for street skating, just the right size! These wheels allow you to ride as fast as you can (don’t forget about the small diameter), but the shredability is maintained.

Customers say, and I can confirm it, that the wheels are very lightweight, which is a great feature for such big wheels.

The design is specific, but it looks nice. The wheels come in a variety of colors, you can combine them with any type of skate rollers or skateboards.

Powell-Peralta WSBAPPG26497X4 G-Bones
Via: @oldskullskateboards

Double-check which color you are ordering! There are some options, and if you make a mistake, you might not be too happy with it.

The wheels of this manufacturer are constantly mentioned in the best wheels ratings. And indeed, I could not find any drawbacks, considering the super low price of the product.

Main Features

  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • 64mm Diameter & 42mm Width
  • 97a Durometer
  • SBA Formula
  • Superior Grip
  • Very Lightweight
  • Smooth Wheel Surface


  • Perfect for beginners even though the diameter is small
  • Superior grip
  • The wheels don’t weigh much
  • A nice design


  • I didn’t find any. If you believe there are, share the information with me, please

5. Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels Review

Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels

These Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels are good not only for street skating but for any skating type.

They come in a variety of colors.

You can use them for different design and shape boards.

The durometer rating is 92a, which might be a little bit challenging for beginners. This option is perfect for those who love street skating and park skating; the durometer rating is just right for the skating types!

However, if you are looking for the best skateboard wheels for cruising, you need something softer. The wheels are durable and last for ages, even if you use them heavily.

I would say though that they don’t provide sufficient grip to make riding comfortable for beginners. To use them, you need some practice.

Abrasion-resistant urethane makes the wheels reliable and last long.

You can choose a package of just wheels or wheels with included bearings, washers, and spacers. If you need to replace these elements, you have them already with the wheels. It is convenient.

The bearings come sealed, which is a benefit for some customers, but for others, it is a problem because the bearings cannot be opened to be fixed or lubricated.

The wheels are made in 2 colors: black and red.

One thing that I didn’t like is that the wheels come with ABEC-5 bearings. I would expect ABEC-7 bearings from such a wheel type.

Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels Review, Pros and Cons

There is one more detail to consider. Some customers report that bearings might not fit in the wheel as expected. For example, in one wheel, they may be too loose, while in another wheel, they might be too tight.

Bearings also do not last a lot. Again, some customers report that bearings became bad after just a couple of days of riding. However, the wheels are good indeed. 

Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels

One more benefit and I cannot leave it without attention, is the customer support of the company. Whenever a customer has an issue, they send a replacement immediately.

I liked the attention of the customer support service, too. Whenever I have a question, I always get a timely and comprehensive explanation.

Main Features

  • For Any Skating Style
  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • High Performance
  • 54mm Diameter
  • 92a Durometer
  • Abrasion-Resistant Urethane Material
  • Very Durable & Built to Last
  • Bearings, Spacers & Washers


  • They are good for any skating style
  • The wheels are very durable
  • You have an option to buy just wheels or wheels with bearings, spacers, and washers


  • Bearings are sealed, no maintenance is possible
  • Bearings are not adjusted properly
  • Bearings do not last long

How to Choose Suitable Skating Reels

Skating wheels are crucial. Without them, your skateboard is useless. Wheels determine the general skating experience. On wheels depend such features as a grip for tricks performing, riding on different terrain types, comfort, and safety.

Only if you know how to choose your skating wheels correctly, you can count on the excellent riding experience.

Choose Wheels Depending on Your Preferred Skating Style

There are several skating styles. Depending on your preferred skating style, you will choose the wheels. Mostly, your choice will be determined by the wheel durometer rating and diameter. There are some more factors to consider, though.

Wheels for Street Skating

Street skating is one of the most widespread skating styles. This skating type you can see anywhere: youtube or in public.

It doesn’t mean that the skater skates on streets only, street skating means also skating in a park and similar locations. It includes doing tricks.

Wheels for Street Skating
Via: @actionnowskateshop

If street skating is your preferred skating type, choose the best wheels, they usually have:

  • Durometer rating 99a if you are not a beginner. Such a durometer rating allows for better grinding;
  • The diameter is 64mm or less for fast riding.

Park Skating

For park skating, you can use any type of wheels. You can guess from the name that this style encompasses everything about parks and ramps. If you are a beginner, choose the wheels with a bigger diameter. They provide more control over the board.

The durometer rating depends on you: if you prefer a better grip, choose softer wheels; if your choice is the wheel durability, go for a higher rating. It is common to choose for park rating the average diameter and durometer rating values.


Cruising differs from other skating types because no tricks are performed. It is about riding around the neighborhood. Here, you will want soft wheels that provide a good grip to the surface. The wider the wheel contact area with the surface is, the better.

Wheels for Cruising
Via: @_blue_board_

Choose the wheels of a bigger or medium diameter. The best skateboard wheels for cruising are easy-to-manage, they allow you to run as fast as you need, and this is something crucial for cruising.

Be prepared that, in some cases, you might need to install the spacers, depending on your board.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wheels for Skating

There are thousands of options online, and those options come with many variants. If you don’t have a preferred brand and a wheel type, you might spend months looking for proper wheels. This is definitely not something you want to do.

To spend your time in the most efficient way, filter the options based on the following criteria.

Your budget: if you have 20 dollars to spend on the wheels, there is no sense in checking wheels that cost more. Some people still believe that to buy a good wheel set, they need at least 50 USD. This is not correct.

Now, you can find a good set of wheels for as little as 10 USD; however, the brand might not be the most famous.

Wheels diameter and durometer rating: these factors are crucial. They influence the speed, grip, performance, and many more things. Wheels with a smaller diameter run slower but provide better acceleration. You can make your choice based on this feature.

The durometer rating tells a lot about wheel durability and softness. A higher durability rating also means that the wheel is harder to manage.

Material from Which the Wheels Are Made

Most wheels are now made from polyurethane. It is a mixture of urethane with other elements. Depending on the mixture formula, the wheels differ in their features:

  • Hardness;
  • Performance;
  • Durability.

Standards for the application of one or another formula do not exist. You need to experiment to find out which wheels serve you in the best way. Some skaters might want harder wheels while others will prefer softer though less durable wheels.

The Wheel Contact Patch

The wheel contact patch is the wheel part that comes into contact with the surface. Following factors depend on it:

  • The distribution of weight;
  • The resistance while rolling;
  • Performance level in general.

For longer boards, it is recommended to choose wheels with a larger contact patch. For street skating, you need wheels with a smaller contact patch. They are faster and provide more maneuverability.

Brand and Appearance

This is the last factor that shall be considered. A brand name isn`t decisive if you have found the right option for you.

But if you have a choice among several variants, the brand name and the appearance of the wheels might become crucial factors. It is clear that I recommend choosing the wheels of a more popular brand and with the appearance you like.


What wheel size is better for me?

When choosing the size, you need to consider several factors. For street skating, smaller wheels are the best, while for cruising, you need to opt for wheels with a bigger diameter.

If you have a skateboard, and you want to replace the wheels, check the number on the wheel side. Buy the wheels with the same diameter. If you are looking for a different option, consider your level and the skating style.

For street skating, smaller wheels are recommended.

Does a too big diameter influence the riding experience?

Of course, it does. Too big wheels cause a so-called wheel bite, which ruins your riding experience completely and damages the skateboard. It also makes performing tricks impossible or extremely difficult.

If you have bought wheels and discovered that they are not of the right size, consider replacing them.

Is it better to buy wheels in a set with bearings or buying bearings separately is preferable?

It all depends on the brand and the user experience. Buying wheels in a set with bearings, washers, and spacers is convenient, especially if you know how to clean skateboard bearings. You can be sure that all the elements are suitable.

Wheels for Street Skating
Via: @longskate55

From the other side, it is needed to check customer reviews very carefully. It sometimes happens that with top-quality wheels, medium-quality of bearings are supplied.

Of course, you can replace them, but if you know in advance what to expect, you might want a different option. A set usually costs more than just wheels; this is also a factor to consider.

How can I attach new wheels?

To attach new wheels, follow the guide:

  • Remove the nut;
  • Remove the washer;
  • Install the wheel over the bearing, press it so that it fits snugly;
  • Remove the wheel and repeat the procedure on the other side;
  • Install the washer;
  • Put the wheel over the bearing;
  • Install another washer;
  • Install and fasten the nut. The wheel shall not be moving around.

Do I Need Any Safety Equipment?

If you have such a question, you are, most likely, a newbie. Even if you are riding around your house, using all the safety equipment is a must. Here belong:

  • Knee pads;
  • Elbow pads;
  • A helmet.

What shall I do if, at high speeds, the wheels start rotating in the reverse direction?

It is an unpleasant situation, but it happens. When at high speeds, your wheels start rotating in the reverse direction, it is called a flat spot. It means that the durometer rating is not sufficient for your skating style anymore.

Change the wheels for the wheels with a higher durometer rating.

What about a break-in period for wheels?

Yep, it exists. Therefore, even if you don’t like how your new wheels feel at the start, try to ride them some days more. Later, they might provide a better grip than on the first day of riding.

What shall I do if rocks and pebbles are a real problem for me?

Issues with rocks and pebbles are troublesome. Every skater has to face them sooner or later. In most cases, it is enough to change the wheels for a set with a bigger diameter.

If your skating location is full of stones and holes, you might want to consider changing it.

Best Wheels for Street Skating

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