Best Pintail Longboard

Best Pintail Longboard
Best Pintail Longboard

A longboard is a dream of many people.

A good longboard increases mobility and allows you to stand out.

You can move around without being afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

It doesn’t run out of fuel. When moving on a longboard, you do sport.

The best downhill longboard can be a sign of belonging to a particular group or subculture. It can tell about your interests and your budget, too. Plus, it provides an amazing riding experience.

A longboard of bad quality can spoil the riding experience. Besides, it can be dangerous. Imagine if a wheel breaks down or if trucks fail.

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Best Carving Longboard/Best Cruising Longboards

Best Carving LongboardBest Cruising Longboards
Best Carving LongboardBest Cruising Longboards

For the best performance, you need more than your talent and skills.

The choice of a longboard, in particular, is another crucial thing.

Certain qualities will make a board great for cruising, and others will make it difficult to ride even a couple of blocks.

And while a professional can find a way out, if you’re a beginner, spend your time researching what’s needed for a nice cruising board.

Here we have a TOP-5 with the best picks of cruising longboards suitable both for beginners and pros. All their qualities, pros and cons are described there to make it easier for you to find an option that resonates.

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Best Downhill Longboard Buyer’s Guide

Best Downhill Longboard
Best Downhill Longboard

When choosing the best longboard, the first thought should be about your riding style.

Are you a cruiser? Or maybe you have a lot of hills in your area and want some smooth, grippy downhill riding?

Or maybe you want to try something new with freeriding? Or a universal longboard will be just fine?

Think well, because every element of your board can improve your riding or make it hell. No downhill riding will be safe with the wheels that aren’t grippy enough or a deck that has a high gravity center and is too responsive.

Your choice should be wise, and we’re here to help you with it. The following TOP-5 will guide you through the best options on the market.

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