How To Make Skating Wax

How to Make Skating Wax
Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wax

Being a skater slightly differs from an image our mind builds, doesn’t it?

Riding a skateboard and doing tricks is more complicated than we think.

Along with that, a skateboard is not just wheeled deck skaters love to break and abuse. It is an instrument that requires much care and attention.

Today, we are going to talk about a process you’ve probably had never heard about – skate waxing.

Why is it so important? What to do if you do not have money and still would like to use and protect your skateboard? You’ll find the answers to these questions and even more below.

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How To Clean Skateboard Bearings

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings
How to Clean Skateboard Bearings

When I bought my new skateboard, I was happy. It used to fly as fast as the wind.

But with time, inevitable happened: the bearings of my skateboard collected as much dirt as they could.

The board became slower, much slower than it used to be. The maneuverability dropped.

The urgent bearings maintenance was required.

Do you know how to clean skateboard bearings? For a newbie, it sounds like Chinese. So it was for me. I had to look for information and try different materials until I found the proper options.

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How Much Does It Cost For a Good Skateboard

How Much Does It Cost for a Good Skateboard
How Much Does It Cost for a Good Skateboard

The budget question is one of the most important when choosing a skateboard.

Does pricier mean better?

What’s the optimal amount of money to give out for a decent board that will last for several years?

What completes a skateboard’s price?

In this article, we address all the questions, starting with “How much does it cost for a good skateboard?”. It’s useful to know about these things to make sure you don’t overpay, being guided by promises of eternal quality for half a thousand.

It’s better to save that money for upgrading the board when needed, as the wheels start to wear, the griptape loses its qualities, or your bearings need a new lube.

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Penny Board vs Skateboard: Difference, Pros, and Cons, Which One to Go for

Penny Board vs Skateboard
Penny Board vs Skateboard

There are so many types of skateboards. You have a standard type, one for tricks, another for cruising.

There are super large boards called longboards and small, plastic ones called penny boards.

The latter is often a great gift for a child when even a relatively small regular skateboard seems huge for him or her.

But what exactly is the difference between a skateboard and a penny board? Why is the latter called like that? What’s it used for? Which one is better?

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Longboard vs Skateboard: Which is Which and What Is Better?

Longboard vs Skateboard
Longboard vs Skateboard

Skateboards, longboards, penny boards, mini cruisers…so many names, so many questions.

Which is which? Why are they different? What is better for you?

The answers come very quickly when you get into skating, but it’s better to be knowledgeable beforehand.

Here, we’ll discuss the difference between a longboard and a skateboard.

A small change for a longer deck can make all the difference for your riding experience. As well as getting a skateboard instead will improve your chances of learning those difficult tricks.

Here you’ll have an opportunity to look at skateboards and longboards in an unbiased way. We’ve gathered dry facts about the difference between the two, as well as some pros and cons of every type of board.

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8 Best Skateboard Movies

Best Skateboard Movies
Best Skateboard Movies

Over the years there have been dozens of skateboarding movies.

Indeed, it’s pretty rare that a skateboarding movie comes from someone that actually does skateboarding.

You can tell that most of the time skate movies are made by people that have no idea about skateboarding.

It makes them super hard to watch if you’re somebody who actually skates.

Now I’m not exactly a film critic, but I am a skateboarder with a lot of free time. So I decided to put together a list of the best skateboard movies to watch.

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